Spirit’s First Blog

Who has time to blog? “Who has time to write or read a blog?”, I always thought to myself. And yet, here I am writing a blog hoping for many readers. The law of opposites at work. Well, I still don’t have time to write that often but will commit to posting content frequently. If […]

Believe and allow. Can it be that easy?

1/25/15  Believe and allow.  If it is that easy, why don’t we have all we want?  Spirit explains why we cut ourselves off from the flow because we don’t see instant confirmation that our desires are being fulfilled.  I can do that much from my couch, all day long.  Notice how you can get what […]

Who is in charge of enforcing the universal Law of Attraction?

1/18/15   The Law of Attraction is immutable.  It works behind the scenes like gravity, electricity and the IRS.  You may not understand it, but it is working 100% of the time, guaranteed or your money back.  “Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.”  You will assimilate.   The Law of […]

Don’t you mean – you’ll see it when you believe it?

1/12/15    We grew up hearing others say “I’ll believe it when I see it”.  And that is the way of the world as we know it… at least on the surface.  Even Morpheus (from the Matrix) said, “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.” […]

Why can’t I just get what I want, when I want it???

12/7/14  Two topics are covered below by Spirit.  How does the teacher magically appear when the student is ready?  And, why can’t I get what I want when I want it?  (Also, why were my Catholic grade school teachers compelled to crack my knuckles with a ruler?) Spirit explains how time is used to our […]

What is at the core of your belief?

11/30/2014    Our root thought or core belief is ever evolving.  Think of what you used to believe a decade ago or when you were in your teens, and how your beliefs shaped your experiences.  Our core belief is key to creating what we experience.  Spirit explains how it evolves and how we can use that […]

Don’t believe any of it. Know it!

  11/16/14  You create from your core thought of Who You Are.  To change your core thought, don’t believe any of it, you need to know it.  Spirit explains the difference and how this natural, continuous process evolves in every moment. If you choose to believe you are in the process of creating something, that is […]

What’s my core thought got to do with anything?

11/5/14  Spirit says our thoughts of what we want to create are passed through our core thought of Who We Are to see if they align.  Aligned thoughts continue to create our desire as long as it meets certain conditions.   Why are there always more conditions to meet???  At least there is a path laid out […]

Any state of being of my choosing? Really???

10/23/14 Some think their state of being evolves naturally, you know, from happy to sad and so on depending on their mood and what is experienced.  Whereas that is true, you are still the creator of  all that.  Spirit tells us how we do that naturally and from understanding the process, we can then create our […]

Is Life happening to me or can I control it?

10/17/14 How do you control what seems out of control at times.  This sounds like a lofty goal – controlling my life.  Can I really control it, everything?  Below, Spirit explains how the process works.  This is just the beginning.  Refer to those who practice these concepts on a daily basis to see how they […]

Be Happy at will?

          10/12/14 Selling happiness?  More like peddling the knowledge of your very own unique emotional link to past happiness that you can bring forth at any time.  This is amazing.  You’ve got to try this.  If you can get any happy feeling from trying it, then you can do it very […]