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in the moment12/1/15    Everyone talks about how important it is and all the benefits you get from staying in the moment, but no one tells us how to do it.  If we innately knew how to do it, we would all be in the moment all the time.  Spirit gives us an easy way to focus on the moment at will.  Who’d of thought it would be so easy…

Being in the moment will connect you with Source. Being connected to Source keeps you aware of many perspectives. Seeing other perspectives on a situation takes you out of your routine thinking that triggers the same response to the same thought patterns.

This is a change of thought patterns by changing your perspective. Your perspective on the situation changes by focusing on the moment, which stops you from repeating your old thought patterns.

You see other perspectives when you are in the moment by noticing others fully. See their emotional energy displayed for you. You get to better see what they are seeing, what their needs are. You are better in tune with them, connected to them.

Being in the moment gives you many advantages. When you are in the moment you can see more clearly what is going on around you. Replaying old tapes in your head of past events keeps you out of the moment and buried in the past.

Being in the past means you are missing what is happening around you. You will most likely react to a situation by using a previous action because you are brought into the moment abruptly with little time to think through the situation.

Being in the present allows you to think through the situation as it unfolds. You approach it clear minded, with empathy for others, as you witness their actions in each moment.

For you to stay in the moment and keep your presence of mind focused in the here and now, it would be easier if you were keenly interested in what is going on. Notice how you are very focused on something when you are captivated by it. Notice how well you keep your focus on that one thing when it really intrigues you.

You can do this with anything and everything, as you desire. Until now, your belief has been that you can only stay focused on something as long as it holds your attention. This seems to be so with items you happen to enjoy.

The process of enjoying something or being captivated by it is often thought of as happenstance, almost random. It has not occurred to most people that you create that process; you choose what you like and want to focus on.

Being in control of your choice, you are able to decide what it is you will like. You determine what you will focus on. This process is not as arbitrary as it seems and you can change it at will.

Align your will and desire. Choose and decide what you intend to focus on to be in the moment. See it as a part of you. See everything as an extension of you. See how fascinating it is to know that what you are looking at is a part of you acting seemingly independent of you.

This is an easy way to stay in the moment as often as you desire. Keep a focus on your surroundings and others in your awareness. See all of them and your surroundings as an extension of you.

Another way to stay in the moment is to see the joy in appreciating everything. Appreciate what is in your awareness. Appreciation is a high connection to that which you appreciate. Appreciation is an alignment of your vibration with that which you appreciate.

Aligning your vibration with anything allows you to see the other more clearly as Who or What It Is. Aligning your vibration will allow you to feel their emotions better and be with them in a way that makes you feel One with them.

This is much easier than it may seem. You do it now with your loved ones. Those you love and appreciate, feel close to, are those you have a good connection with. You focus on them and know their movements, their emotions and their feelings. This is a result of focusing on them. You have paid attention to them and picked up on their signals. You have also done this with familiar people that you work with and frequently encounter like the cashier at the grocery store.

The people you frequently encounter are those you have paid attention to out of sheer repetition or because you were determined to get to know them for your own reasons. You have also done this on occasion with those you knew you would probably never meet again. You focused on them intently and gave them your full attention. Do you remember how well you felt during the encounter? Do you remember how well they responded to you during the encounter?

See these close encounters as gifts, blessings you give and you receive. See this focus on others as a way of sharing the most valuable assets you have to give: you, your time and your love. All others will and do appreciate it on many levels.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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