What’s my core thought got to do with anything?


11/5/14  Spirit says our thoughts of what we want to create are passed through our core thought of Who We Are to see if they align.  Aligned thoughts continue to create our desire as long as it meets certain conditions.  

Why are there always more conditions to meet???  At least there is a path laid out we can follow.  See if it sounds logical to you…    


Let’s use an example of changing a job. Think about what you are thinking and feeling prior to leaving your old job. You are deciding that you no longer enjoy your old job. You are feeling dissatisfied in your old job. You start looking at your old job in a way that highlights everything you do not like about it.

Eventually, all that you do not like about the job becomes most of what you think of when you think about yourself in your old job. This is the same process We explained earlier. You had a new thought about your state of being. You kept thinking it, visualizing yourself in this new state and seeing yourself as the new state until it replaced your old thought of Who You Were.

In other words, you kept thinking about leaving the job until you made it your reality. You became one who was leaving your job.

You then started the process again in thinking about a new job. You had a thought about a new job, kept thinking about it, saw yourself in it and then made it happen.

This is the same process you use to create your reality every time you choose a new state of being.

One root thought about Who You Are is traded for another. You use time to be sure you want to make this change. You create this time delay to slowly and gradually try on the new idea as a test to see if this is what you really want.

You continue to try on this new idea until it becomes very comfortable and you are used to it. Often you seek out the approval of others during this process.

Eventually you replace your old thought of Who You Are with your new thought of Who You Are. This is the point where you begin to manifest your creation in the physical world. Prior to this, your creation was being manifested in Spirit.

Now that you have achieved that level of creation, you pour your thought energy into manifesting in the physical world.

Your thought energy always follows this path. Your thought is energy created in Spirit before manifesting in the physical.

The time it takes to proceed through this process is directly proportional to your level of belief in your ability to create it. Sometimes it may seem to be seconds, other times it could take years.

Your belief in your ability to create, creates what you believe. For example, if you believe you can create something, that is what you create. You create the belief that you are capable of creating it. You do not manifest it; you simply have manifested a belief in your capabilities.

If you choose to believe you will be creating something that is what you manifest. You manifest your belief that you will be creating something. This continually places what you want in the future, to be created. You have created the experience for yourself of knowing you will manifest your desire in the future.

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