SCIC – Chapter 1

Spirit’s Course in Creating

Chapter 1

How Creating Begins


Section I

Introduction to book

Section II – Creating in the Physical

Chapter 1 – How Creating Begins

Chapter 2 – Connection to Source

Chapter 3 – Allowing

Chapter 4 – Conscious Creation

Chapter 5 – The Law of Attraction

Chapter 6 – Resisting Attracts

Chapter 7 – Communicating with Source

Chapter 8 – Meditation

Chapter 9 – Attention on Appreciation

Section III – Creating Your State of Being

Chapter 10 – Experiencing All That Is

Chapter 11 – The Eternal Self

Chapter 12 – Being One

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Glossary of Terms


Chapter 1

Creation begins in thought. All creation seen and unseen begins as a thought. Thought is the origin of All That Is.
You are a part of All That Is. You came into existence first as a thought. This intangible concept of a flow of energy, immeasurable by your latest technology, is able to create All That Is.
This same power and authority that created the universe and all it’s galaxies is at your command. You have this authority to create your world. You have this innate ability to create your reality. We will explore this in detail for you.
Imagine you are alone on a beach. Close your eyes and be at the beach. Feel the sand under your feet. Wiggle your feet into the sand. Feel how warm it is from the sun. Feel the sand between your toes. Your feet are getting warm from the hot sand. Notice the sun shining on your body. Feel the glow of the hot sun showering you with its light. Feel the light warm breeze gently flowing through your hair and washing your body with warmth. Breathe in the clean fresh air. Smell the aromas that your beach has to offer. Listen to the sounds that surround you. Hear the water lapping at the shore. Hear the birds as they sing across the sky. Notice the wind whistling through the trees.
Be with this for a moment…

We invite you to return to the here and now with Us.
What did you notice about your body? Could you feel any of the sensations that you imagined? Did you take the time to fully experience this experiment or just read through it? Give yourself the full value of this material and take at least one minute for each exercise.
Notice the images that appear in your mind. See how vivid you can make them.
This is thought energy at work for you. This is an example of how your mind can create thoughts of images and emote feelings. Be with that concept for a moment. Your mind can create images and feelings without external stimuli. This was wholly created within your mind.
If you believe the words on these pages created the images, then try another experiment of your own. Think of a recent event that made you happy. Place yourself there and notice all the details, as many as you can. Take one minute to do this. We’ll wait.

The creation of images in your mind is the process all creation takes. This first step in creating is a thought, any thought. You create a new thought every moment, every second. You are continually creating new thoughts. Each thought is built on a previous one.
Your thoughts are linked like a chain. Repeating similar thoughts pours energy into that chain, making it stronger. Thinking many different and conflicting thoughts diffuses the energy used. No one thought receives enough energy to create it.
Thought is energy, pure energy. Energy is a vibration. Each vibration has a different rate. Each thought is a vibration of a different frequency.
All matter is made up of energy. Energy is a vibration. All matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies. This has been proven by your quantum physics.
All matter is energy created by thought.
We want you to fully understand and remember this, so it is worth repeating. All matter is energy created by thought.
Your thoughts have created all that you have, all that you do and Who You Are.
Your thoughts allow. They allow things, people, and events into your life. Things that were gifted to you are a result of thoughts allowing.
Think of a time when you were alone and wanted company. Eventually, someone called or visited or you went out for a reason and met someone. You created companionship. Believing this is coincidence denies Who You Are and your ability to create. There are no coincidences. There is no happenstance or serendipity. Neither is there luck, good or bad. Chance does not exist, nor does probability.
All of these are constructs of your imagination creating an illusion of accidental circumstance to create an element of surprise and excitement around the unknown of what could happen.
See through this illusion now to change your belief of what-is-so. Know that you create your reality. If you win or loose a game of chance, it is your creation. If you have a freak accident, your root thought manifested it. If you feel lucky, it is your core belief at the moment.
Understand that you create your entire reality. This is a very large shift from the common belief of many things happening to you. Most can accept that they can take charge of their life, however; few can easily take full responsibility for 100% of their life. There is great comfort in believing in events that happen out of your control. It is easier to think that the accidents and mishaps are not your fault. Few are easily willing to take responsibility for these occurrences, as well as attacks on them.
Knowing that you are the creator of your life, all of it, every single moment and event gives you more freedom. The freedom comes as a choice. Knowing you are the creator of each moment relieves you of the feeling that you have no control over what will happen next. Any event that you experience and judge negatively can be recreated anew in the next moment. Therein lies the freedom. It is the freedom to continue creating to your heart’s content. As you create a moment that does not please you, know you created it and have the ability to recreate it. This can relieve the anxiety from thinking others are in control of your life.
Others have influence to the degree you allow it. All information received has influence to the degree you allow it. You make the final decision about your reality. Know that We are here to support your every desire. Your thoughts initiate the system. Your desire starts the creative process. Your thought is your creation, the first in a series that builds on itself.
Your thought is the beginning. It is the first creation in a series of related creations. Your thought is closely followed by a thought about the thought. For example, you notice that you have a feeling in your body. That is your first thought on this new track. Your thought about your first thought is that this feeling in your body means you are hungry. You then start on a track of thoughts about the time of day, should you be hungry now, what to eat, where to eat and so on.
Notice one of the earliest subsequent thoughts is a judgment on your first thought. It is this judgment that shows a definite sign of being human. It is a decidedly human characteristic. Be aware of this trait as it affects your ability to create.
Your judgments of your initial thoughts are usually what slow your ability to create your desire. Your initial thought is almost always an impulse, a reflex to your inner desires and a reflection of your core belief about Who You Are.
Take notice of your initial thoughts and your judgments on them. Look at them both closely. See the difference between them. See how both your initial thought and your judgment of it reflect very strong and different beliefs of aspects of Who You Are.
The conflict between them is the opposing channels of energy that keep you from quickly creating your desire. Your initial thought sends energy in one direction. Your judgment of that thought immediately sends energy in a completely different direction. The end result is that you do not send enough energy in any one direction to create your desire or your judgment of that desire. Instead, you created exactly what your beliefs are – stagnation, a situation of being undecided. You have not moved forward in a direction you said you wanted to go, but created the exact experience you put forth – the experience of being between both thoughts.
This is crucial in understanding the basic foundation of consciously creating your reality as you desire. This is part of the reason you see such a long gap of time between your initial thought of a desire and the appearance of that desire.
The vacillation between your desire and your judgment of that desire is a useful creation of the human experience in the physical world. Imagine what your experiences would be if you created instantly upon your first thought every time. It would seem chaotic. It would be very disruptive to your current life style and create situations you would choose to recreate immediately. This constant instant creating at first thought would be judged undesirable in the physical world as you continue to recreate your physical self and surroundings.
This vacillation creates an environment to play with your ideas. It is a safe environment to play with creation in your mind. You can create and recreate at will and change your thoughts ad infinitum to allow yourself time to be comfortable with a choice.
Time is a creation of yours that gives the advantage of slowly refining your final choice. You wonder if your choice will be the correct one for you in this moment. Playing with ideas is like trying on clothes in front of a mirror. You want to see which set of clothes appeals to you the most before making your final choice.
Your final choice is a decision you are then determined to create. However, your final choice may not be in line with your root thought on that topic.
Your root thought is a core belief of Who You Are in relation to that thought. Your core belief is a belief that is a fulcrum for all subsequent beliefs. All subsequent beliefs related to that core belief are held in balance with the core belief.
Your core belief is a filter for all thoughts related to that core belief. All final decisions go through your core beliefs and usually align with them.
Your core beliefs are your true understanding of Who You Are and as such, are pivotal in determining what you think, say and do. Every thought, word and deed is passed by your core belief, which makes this a most important topic to fully understand. If your desire is to create something that does not align with your core belief, it will become a source of frustration as you endeavor to create that which a deeper part of you does not align with.
Your conscious mind is not always aware of your core beliefs. Your core belief is often kept well protected from your conscious mind. This is because the conscious mind has chosen to bury this belief.
The conscious mind will choose to bury any belief it does not feel comfortable with. This is the way it chooses to deal with an issue from your past that it does not choose to confront.
Your conscious mind does receive signals that the root thought is there and calling for attention. The conscious mind recognizes many of these signals and will continue to disregard them to avoid having to confront an issue that the conscious mind perceives as painful.
A core belief is just a belief based on an experience, which has now become a truth for you. You have judged the experience as positive or negative. The belief is just a belief and is not judged as positive or negative. However, your conscious mind wants to protect itself and avoid what it perceives as a possible painful event by examining the core belief and its related experiences. The core belief you don’t want to examine could be a thought that opposes your belief about yourself.
The conscious mind may develop layers of beliefs on top of this core belief to protect itself from needing to examine the core belief. The layers of beliefs were developed over time and supported by other experiences that it perceives to be true. The conscious mind is now protected from a possible painful belief about itself by layers of other beliefs that it created to support and protect its core belief.
This is where the conflict is created when you choose to create a new desire that does not align with your core belief. You are not consciously aware of a conflict between your core belief and your newly chosen desire. So your subconscious sends you signals to warn you of the conflict, the non-alignment of the two thoughts.
The signals of a misalignment are received in the form of emotions. Your emotions are electronic manifestations of messages your spirit and subconscious are sending your conscious mind through your body. Your emotions tell you which thoughts are in alignment and which thoughts are not.
Remember the times you were about to do or say something and you felt “funny” before, during or after the event? Remember the tingling in your body around your abdomen. This is an electronic message sent from your soul though your subconscious to your body to reach your conscious mind.
This message is in the form of emotion. An emotion is the vibration of a message that is manifested into a stronger, slower vibration that your body can feel. You have felt this as joy, sadness, anxiety, tension, stress and many other feelings. You feel these emotions in your body, not just your mind. These are received differently than just thoughts. Emotions are given more weight when considering their meaning. They impact your awareness with greater validity. You listen to your emotions more than your thoughts.
Your thoughts about your emotions are the interpretation you place on the meaning of the emotion. This event, the receiving of the emotion, is the message you are sending yourself about your alignment with a thought. The more you are aligned with your thoughts, the more joy you will feel.
Your emotions are a barometer to your connection with Source. Your thoughts of Who You Are, are your connection with Source. The thoughts that most align with and represent Who You Are, are the thoughts that give you the greatest feeling of joy and connection to Source. This is often a knowing of being in the moment. This is where your greatest manifestations occur.
Being in the moment, having thoughts that are in alignment with Who You Are and feeling connected to Source is when you create your grandest joys, your most memorable events.
Think back to these moments. Remember when you were most happy and everything seemed to be going your way. Remember the feeling coursing through your body. Place yourself in that moment and relive the joy.
Remember being fully involved in the moment without distractions? Remember your focus on the moment, what was happening right then. Think of how right it felt to be there at that moment. Notice how good it felt to be you, then.
This is a moment of alignment with Source. This is a moment of connection with Who You Are. This is a moment you can duplicate at will. There is no need to wait for certain circumstances to create themselves by happenstance. It is not serendipity that creates these moments for you. You create these moments by being in the moment. You also create for yourself the illusion of not being able to create those joyous moments at will.
You are at the center of creation. You are at the head of creation. You are on the leading edge, first in creating. You are first because all that you create starts with your thought.
Your thought is the first creation. As you think, so shall you be. You become your thought because you are the same vibration as your thought.
Your thought is a vibration of energy. Each thought is a unique vibration of energy. Each thought is different, viewed differently, experienced differently.
The uniqueness of each thought, each moment experienced by each perspective, is a small sample of the creative power held by you, the creator.
You are the creator of your reality. You are the creator of each moment in your life.
Look at your life. Look back on the choices you’ve made. See your life as a chain of events, a series of choices made. See how each choice created an experience. Notice how each thought was the origin, and led to your choice. See yourself as the designer and creator of your life.
Use this new information in your daily life, moment to moment. See how you can create at will that which you desire. See and recognize the time delay, how it differs in exact relationship to the level of your belief in your ability to create it. Notice how that time delay will shorten as you go through this material, practice the exercises and increase your ability to create your desires at will.
Let’s look at your present moment. Notice your thoughts as you read these words. See yourself thinking about each word as you read it. There were a multitude of individual thoughts that you created just during the time it took you to read that last sentence.
Understand that you created each thought. Each thought does not just appear on its own, you create them. This is a crucial distinction. Knowing this distinction is the difference between allowing your life to flow with the tide and making your desires a reality.
Knowing that you created each thought means you can learn to control them. Since thoughts create your reality and you can learn how to control your thoughts. You can learn how to create your reality faster by creating thoughts you choose.
No longer will you feel like your life is happening to you.
Now that you understand you can control your thoughts, let’s look at how you can apply it starting now.
Choose a state of being. Choose a state of being that pleases you. Some examples are: love, kindness, forgiveness, joyous, and peaceful. Choose a state of being that is right for you. Go ahead. We’ll wait.
Imagine you are that state of being. Be that. It is that simple. It is all in thought. You are creating your reality through thought, consciously.
Now to understand how to maintain that state of being… It is easy for everyone to think of himself or herself as something. The challenge arises when you attempt to hold that view throughout your day.
This is where old habits creep back in. Going through your day is a normal routine that triggers normal routine responses. These normal routine responses come first as thought then the action of doing.
As you encounter a routine situation, the thought of what your belief is in that moment creates your reality. Your thought of your newly chosen state of being was not in the equation, did not enter into the picture. This is because you have not placed enough belief into it yet to create a new self-image. Your self-image is developed over time relative to the amount of thought energy you place into that belief.
Start by placing thought energy into your new belief of your newly chosen state of being. Your belief in your new state of being, Who You Are is directly proportional to the level of energy placed into it. The more you think about your new state of being and believe it to be true, the faster you create it into your reality.
Your previous belief of Who You Are has been given much energy over a long time and thus is well engrained in your psyche. It will take much energy to supplant this thought with a new one.
The longest journey begins with your first step. A change in your belief of Who You Are started with your new thought of your new state of being. You are on your way to creating this. Continue pouring thought energy into this belief. Follow the steps We outlined before: thought, word and deed.
Think that you are it. Repeat that thought over and over. You are working on making it the primary thought of Who You Are. Continue to think of yourself as that new state of being.
See it. Visualize yourself in that state. Visualize yourself being in that state, doing what people do while in that state of being.
This is the most common method used to change your belief. You have been doing this your whole life. This is what you do every time you make a natural change in your life.
Let’s use an example of changing a job. Think about what you are thinking and feeling prior to leaving your old job. You are deciding that you no longer enjoy your old job. You are feeling dissatisfied in your old job. You start looking at your old job in a way that highlights everything you do not like about it.
Eventually, all that you do not like about the job becomes most of what you think of when you think about yourself in your old job. This is the same process We explained earlier. You had a new thought about your state of being. You kept thinking it, visualizing yourself in this new state and seeing yourself as the new state until it replaced your old thought of Who You Were.
In other words, you kept thinking about leaving the job until you made it your reality. You became one who was leaving your job.
You then started the process again in thinking about a new job. You had a thought about a new job, kept thinking about it, saw yourself in it and then made it happen.
This is the same process you use to create your reality every time you choose a new state of being.
One root thought about Who You Are is traded for another. You use time to be sure you want to make this change. You create this time delay to slowly and gradually try on the new idea as a test to see if this is what you really want.
You continue to try on this new idea until it becomes very comfortable and you are used to it. Often you seek out the approval of others during this process.
Eventually you replace your old thought of Who You Are with your new thought of Who You Are. This is the point where you begin to manifest your creation in the physical world. Prior to this, your creation was being manifested in Spirit.
Now that you have achieved that level of creation, you pour your thought energy into manifesting in the physical world.
Your thought energy always follows this path. Your thought is energy created in Spirit before manifesting in the physical.
The time it takes to proceed through this process is directly proportional to your level of belief in your ability to create it. Sometimes it may seem to be seconds, other times it could take years.
Your belief in your ability to create, creates what you believe. For example, if you believe you can create something, that is what you create. You create the belief that you are capable of creating it. You do not manifest it; you simply have manifested a belief in your capabilities.
If you choose to believe you will be creating something that is what you manifest. You manifest your belief that you will be creating something. This continually places what you want in the future, to be created. You have created the experience for yourself of knowing you will manifest your desire in the future.
If you choose to believe you are in the process of creating something, that is what you manifest. You manifest your belief that you are in the process of creating something. This continually places what you want in the process of being created. You have created the experience for yourself of knowing you are creating your desire. You do not currently have your desire manifested yet because it is still in the process.
If you choose to believe you have created something that is what you manifest. You manifest your belief that you have already created your desire. You manifest your belief that you already have it. This places what you want in the state of already having been created. You have created the experience for yourself of knowing you have created your desire. You know your desire has been created.
This knowing of your desire having already been created is a belief, a trust in your ability and the system of creation that calls forth the creation of your knowing into your physical reality. Your awareness of your desire having already been created is a new belief that takes root in your psyche and becomes your root thought.
Your new root thought is a new belief that receives much energy to make it a root thought and keeps it your root thought. The energy used in this process drives the creation of your desire into your reality.
This is how your existing root thought and reality came into being. This is how your new desire will be created into your reality. Use this method now as you understand it to create as much and as often as you desire.
The more often you practice this consciously, the easier it gets to train your mind. Your mind creates constantly through the process of thought. It creates thoughts at an incredible rate. Knowing this, you can choose to train your mind to create thoughts that will create your desires faster than ever.
Understand that you are now and have always created your root thought/desire. This is often difficult to believe because you believed your root desire was something you wanted and had not yet attained. Often you judge your experience negatively and conclude that it could not be your root desire.
Your root desire manifested is a physical expression of Who You Are. Understanding this will give you great insight into what you believe about yourself. Your root desire is a core belief. It has been created over time, evolving and building on many experiences leading to what you have created for yourself today. It is often believed that this cannot change overnight.
It can change overnight. In fact, it does change in every moment. That is how your belief has come to be. It has, over time, been changing bit by bit with each new experience you have in each new moment.
Knowing that your belief is in constant evolution makes it easier to understand that you can change your belief to your current desire. Since it is changing anyway, change it to the newest desire that pleases you in the moment.
This too, you are doing constantly. You are changing your root desire to a new thought that satisfies you in the moment. Now you want to change your root thought to a belief of your conscious choosing. The beliefs you evolve into are chosen on a subconscious level that flows past your consciousness at a fast pace. You do this so often on a continual basis that you do not realize you are consciously creating this experience.
Core beliefs are created, in their evolution, at an astounding rate. You have come here to understand how to create them consciously.
Remember back to the times when you held a belief about something, and how it evolved. Let’s choose a topic like math. Remember how you were taught math skills in early school days. Look back on your timeline of evolution just on the topic of math skills. See how, every day, you learned new aspects of this topic and your truth on it changed, evolved, grew and expanded. Notice what math skills others possess that are far beyond your ability. Notice the math skills used in many different applications of science that you have not mastered.
Relate this to your truth about your beliefs. See how your beliefs of what-is-so have changed over your lifetime from an early age to your present day. So many aspects of your beliefs have evolved throughout your life.
You may say that this is natural due to your life experience and growth in maturity. We agree with you. We bring this up to help you realize that where you are today with any belief, all beliefs, is just another point on your timeline. This too will change. This point in your time, these beliefs you have today will change, evolve, grow, expand and become greater than they are now. Your current beliefs will become a part of your history. You will look back on them with the same feelings you have today about other past beliefs.
Understand that all others are on this same evolutionary path. All have this same change in beliefs through their life. Therefore, judge not what others believe today. Each person is exactly where he or she needs to be to help them create the experience they choose to create for themselves. Accept each person as they are. Help them only as they seek to be helped. Forcing change on someone who is not seeking change is temporary at best, resented at worst. Those who are not ready for change will not accept it as a core belief change. Their change, if any, will be superficial and temporary. If their core belief did not change, they will see aspects of the new model they are emulating as erred. They will focus on its perceived faults until they have explained away any supposed benefits as to make it non-functional for them.
When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Everyone is in constant evolution. As you evolve to the point of being ready to accept new information on a particular topic, you start focusing on it. Your focused energy of thought attracts aspects of that topic to you. You notice these new aspects; appreciate them as new, which validates your new belief. This focused thought attracts more of the same. The increase of this attraction brings you in line with a ‘teacher’ of this new topic.
The teacher was always there. You did not notice this teacher or did not give it any credence when you were not vibrationally in tune with it.
Your focused thought attracts a physical manifestation of your desire into your reality. The reason it does not happen immediately is due to the time factor. Time is a creation of the physical world of relativity to help you in deciding what you want. Without the use of time, your desires would be created and experienced instantly. In some cases you would judge this as very good. In cases where you manifest your fears into physicality, you would judge this as very bad.
Time gives you the ability to play with each thought in your mind. You get to shape it, try it on, adjust and re-adjust until you get it the way you want it. Each change in the thought of your desire places energy in a different direction. Since there is no consistent focus on any one form of your desire, it is consistently placed at bay.
As you hone in on the exact desire you choose, you are mentally trying it on and seeing how it works for you. You are sending signals to others about your desire and getting their opinions, using them to help confirm or reshape your desire.
At this time you are slowly letting go of the present beliefs and desires that are creating your present reality. Your present reality is keeping you from attaining your new desire because your belief is that your present reality does not contain your new desire.
It is the belief that your present reality does not hold your new desire that creates the reality of your desire not being experienced in this moment.
Let Us repeat that for clarification. The current situation that you are experiencing does not hold your newest desire in view. It is the lack of seeing your newest desire that is creating the reality that you are not creating your newest desire.
In other words, you believe you will have it when you see it. However, it is the exact opposite that creates your reality. You believe it in your mind before you manifest seeing it in your reality. You will see it when you believe it.
This is the Be-Do-Have principle at work. Be that which you desire. Before you manifested something you have always “been” it conceptually. Being your desire is the first step to having your desire experienced in your reality.
This is the first step because thought is where creation begins. To create something into your reality it must first be thought. You learned that your desire in the form of thought must have sufficient focus to place a proper amount of energy into it to manifest it into your reality. You also learned that your root thought, of Who You Are, needs to align with your desire to create it.
Being your desire in thought is a clear way of focusing on your desire, seeing yourself mentally as you desire and aligning your root thought of Who You Are with your desire. Being your desire is a mental image game you play to align with your desire.
Being your desire mentally aligns your vibrations. It aligns the vibrations of your root thought of Who You Are with your desire. Alignment of you with your desire will attract your desire.
As you align vibrations of your root thought with your desire you feel more comfortable with your new image of Who You Are. This new image of yourself being your desire creates the image of you doing what you desire. It is the image of you doing what you desire that leads to the belief you can do that which you desire.
As you do that which you desire, you further align your vibration with your desire. Doing what you desire further reinforces the belief of your self-image of being that which you desire. This again, further aligns your vibration with your desire.
This also helps you focus your mind on your desire by seeing yourself doing that which you desire. Seeing yourself doing your desire reinforces your belief that you have your desire. This again further aligns your vibrations of Who You Are to closer match your desire.
The closer match of your vibration to your desire attracts your desire to you. This is how you use the Law of Attraction to help you manifest your desire into your reality.
The Law of Attraction states: that which you align with vibrationally will attract itself to you and that which is aligned vibrationally will attract each other.
Now that you are doing that which you desire and are closer in alignment to it, you are attracting it into your reality because you believe it to be so. This is when you will have it.
You first thought of your desire. Then you decided to be your desire, mentally, through mind exercises. Then you acted on your desire, doing that which you desired. Now you have your desire. You manifested it into your reality.
This is the process. This is what you have done your whole life in this physical world. Sometimes it happens in seconds as you make your decisions. Sometimes the process takes years as you grapple with a final decision of what you want and changing your thought of Who You Are.
Sometimes the process stops at the thought of Who You Are not aligning with your desire. This is where many of you seem to get bogged down. When your desire does not match or align with your root thought of Who You Are your thoughts vacillate between Who You Are and your desire.
The frequent shifting back and forth of your focus keeps you from proceeding further through the Be-Do-Have process.
For example, if you wanted a brand new car with all the bells and whistles on it, this is your desire. If your root thought of Who You Are is a belief that you are Average Joe who is not making enough to afford a brand new car, therein lays the conflict. Your belief is that the only way to attain a new car is to be making more money.
How to get past this dilemma?
Follow the process: Be, Do, Have. The Universe is constantly flowing, streaming abundance your way. The Universe in all its glory, is giving to you all that you desire and more on a non-stop, continual basis. This ceaseless, never-ending stream of abundance is flowing to you in every moment without regard to Who You Are, where you come from, what your belief is or any other judgment you can place on this idea.
Abundance is over-flowing in the Universe and spilling onto each and every one. The reason you do not experience it is because of the root thought, your core belief of Who You Are allows some aspects of abundance in while stopping other aspects of abundance.
You allow in abundance of air, water, enough food, clothing and so on depending on your belief of what-is-so. You do not allow in aspects of abundance that you believe you cannot afford, are not worthy of, not allowed to have, there is a shortage of and so on.
Your belief of what you can have will allow or stop abundance from flowing directly to you. Closely examine your beliefs of what-is-so. Look very closely at your beliefs about abundance. Do you believe there is enough of everything? Do you believe there is enough of anything? What is the difference? Why is there enough of some and not another? Are you following the model another laid out for you? Does this serve you?
If this belief serves you, then continue to hold on to it for as long as you like. This is your life. If you are enjoying the conflict, the internal debate between desiring something and believing you can’t have it, then by all means, continue with your beliefs. As you decide this old belief no longer serves you, release it. Allow the old beliefs of lack and not enough to fall away from you as you choose a new belief of abundance.
Allow the new belief of abundance to grow on you. Play with it, experiment and experience it. See how it can work for you. See how you can use it to attain your desires. See how you can achieve your aspirations.
Notice how you can get what you want more often when you believe it is possible, you are deserving and there is enough. When you believe there is enough, there will be no fear that someone else will be shorted when you get what you want.
Know that the Universe is perfect in its design. Know that there is abundance. Know there is more than enough. Even within your beliefs of a limited amount of goods and services there is still enough to fill everyone’s desires. Know this is to achieve it.
Believe it and you will achieve it. Believe it in the core thought of Who You Are and this will begin the process of achieving it. Allow abundance to flow through you and you will achieve your desires readily.
Allowing abundance in, receiving it, is sometimes the biggest obstacle you place in your own path. This is often because of your beliefs of deserving or fears that others will not have enough if you get what you want, or others will resent you and so on. You are very good at creating reasons why you should not achieve your desires.
Look at Our example of the person who wants the new car. In this case, the reason created for him not to achieve his desire is a lack of income. If Average Joe opened his mind to all of the possibilities, believed in the flowing abundance of the Universe to him, he would begin the process of Be-Do-Have. Because he believed he could not attain this car, he stopped the process.
Joe wants the car, desires a new car, but believes in his core thought of Who He Is that he cannot afford a new car. His core belief about himself is one who cannot afford a new car. This is where he stays, mentally and physically, vacillating between his desire for a new car and his belief that he cannot afford a new car.
Joe does not give enough credence to the belief that he can attain a new car. He gives a great deal of validity to the belief that he cannot have a new car.
Believing you are able to attain your desire is all you have to do. The Universe will handle the rest. Source will move all of Divinity in your direction to achieve your desire. Source will flow abundance to you.
Believe and allow. That is your part. That is all you have to do. Get to the point in your consciousness where you can believe and allow and let Source handle the rest.
Do not burden yourself figuring out exactly, to the last detail, how it will all work out. In fact, you will manifest faster by not concentrating on the details and allowing Source to work out the details.
Allowing is an art. Allowing is a creative process. Allowing is knowing that Source will provide. It is a belief that will achieve your desires.
Allowing abundance to flow to you and through you is a practice of being in the moment. Being in the moment means to place your mind and focus on where you are and what you are doing in that moment. Being in the moment will allow abundance in more often. Being in the moment will give you great joy.
Being in the moment is appreciating what you have, where you are, what you are doing and Who You Are. Being in the moment is appreciation for what-is.
Appreciation attracts. Appreciation is an alignment of your vibration with that which you appreciate. Aligning your vibration with that which you appreciate will attract it to you.
These are all methods of attraction and allowing. Do not discount any method that would allow abundance to flow through you. Your desire may come to you in many ways. It is possible for your desire to arrive in a multitude of forms. Do not say to yourself that it is not possible to accept your desire in certain ways. This could prolong the time until you achieve it.
Source will move all of Divinity to bring you your desire. Believing your desire can only come one way, or one of a few ways, limits yourself. This also limits Source. This limits Source in the ways it can bring you your desire.
If Joe believes he can only attain his brand new car by earning enough money, then that brings in to the equation a whole new area to work on – his career. This can be done, but is not always the fastest method. If Joe believes in allowing a new car to come to him in any way the Universe chooses to deliver it, this could significantly improve the timeframe for delivery. This would open the possibilities of gifts, winnings, inheritance, endowments and the possibility of a new position in the company which includes a car allowance, to name a few.
Keep open to the possibilities. Source works in mysterious ways as divine providence moves to deliver your desires.
You will always receive that which you desire, but you will not always receive it in a manner that you expect. Open your mind to the possibilities and you allow abundance to flow through you more freely, uninhibited, fully.
Have you ever noticed that you get more when you expect more? Have you ever drawn a comparison of expecting little and getting little? Most of the time, you will create that which you expect.
Be the source of your own abundance. Expect the Universe to deliver your desire. Be open to the infinite possibilities that Source can bestow on you. Have an expectation of Life in its grandest version. Hold the grandest version of the greatest vision you have ever held of Who You Are.
Be the creator of your reality. Create consciously. Know that thought is the entry point into conscious creation. Use your thoughts constructively to create as you desire. Understand that your thoughts will create as you believe.
Practice conscious creation. Practice honing your thoughts into a vision of your desire. See yourself practicing conscious creating.
We have given you a basic overview of consciously creating. Review it as often as you desire to refresh your memory and keep yourself focused on conscious creating.
Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. See conscious creation as a skill. If this is a skill you choose to improve, then practice, practice, practice.
Every moment of your existence you are creating. Every thought is a creation that creates for you and through you. Use these moments of your life to think about what you are thinking about. Are your thoughts pleasing you? Do they vibrate and align with that which you choose? Are you thinking thoughts that will attract your desires?
Not every thought is to be designed to attract a desire. However, We are bringing to your attention that every thought will work on attracting something. Are you thinking thoughts of fear or something you judge negatively? Are your thoughts of that which you do not want? What do you have around you? What is in your view, your living space, on your TV, in your reading material? Are these visions of that which you choose to expand in your life?
This is what We are bringing to your awareness. We want you to be well aware of your surroundings. Choose consciously. Be aware of what you are vibrationally aligning with. What do you want to remind yourself of? What vibration do you want to align with? What belief do you want to expand in your reality?
We will give you some Practice Points to consider. Read them all and see which one(s) appeal to you, which feel comfortable to you. This may change with your situation. One Practice Point may work well in one situation, when you are calm, relaxed and alone, another practice may work best when you are on the go.
Read through each one and see what fits you best in the moment. As you read them, imagine yourself trying the practice. Does it seem like it would help you? Does it seem like you would benefit from it? Does it expand your ability to imagine?
These Practice Points are designed to help you train your mind. Like an athlete in training for the Olympics, you can exercise your thoughts and your ability to focus on attracting your desires.
Each Practice Point will exercise a slightly different aspect of your ability to consciously create. See which Practice Point challenges you the most. We suggest you work on Practice Points that challenge you. You determine which Practice Point to start with.
You can start with an easy one to get into the idea of doing it if that pleases you. We suggest at some point taking on a more challenging Practice Point. Your personal growth expands greater during experiences that challenge your comfort zone. This is where you see yourself outside of the normal, everyday experiences and try on a new version of you. The new version of you is interesting to experience. It helps you identify new aspects of you to choose from.
Some new aspects of you will please you and you may choose to respect the experiences. Other aspects will not please you and so give you a reference to choose not to repeat.
All of your experiences expand you. All experiences in these Practice Points are done first in the mind. This gives you the ability to test it out and see if it is an experience you choose to bring forth into your physical reality. There is no harm or threat to you when reviewing it in your mind and trying it on there.
We invite you now to read through each Practice Point first, and then take some time to play with the one that appeals to you in that moment. We emphasize the word ‘play’ because there is nothing serious about this.
Have fun with it. See what happens. Play with the concepts. Enjoy the possibilities. How far can you take it? What are your grandest desires? What are your smallest, most subtle desires?
The more fun you have with it, the more into the moment you will find yourself. The more you are in the moment, the more you will create, and faster. So have as much fun with it as you can stand!