Spirit’s Course in Creating

Spirit’s Course in Creating is available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Balboa Press and Shop.LouisMandrack.com

“You have come to this book, this course, through this moment… in pursuit of expanding your capacity to create at will, at a more conscious level and at a faster pace.”
Spirit’s Course in Creating (SCIC) is a new age course in miracles. It clearly outlines, in ordinary language with everyday analogies and common experiences, how you created into your life experience all that you have. More importantly, it details how to use that process to deliberately manifest your desires. Practice Points encourage you to integrate and hone these newly learned skills.
You have been creating all your life; this is not new. What may be new to you, however, is learning the process by which all that you are and have and experience is in concert with others. Spirit’s Course in Creating is the life instruction manual missing in the lives of many who want clarity on why they have not received what they have been asking for or did get exactly what they did not want.
Would you rather push hard to make your desires a reality or allow universal forces to flow and merely ride the current? If you are trying with all of your might to make something happen and it still has not gone your way, then learn about the resistance that you are experiencing—why it occurs and how to release it. If you are praying for the answers and manifestation that have not arrived, then learn how to help yourself through your current belief structure. This book is not the answer to your prayers; it is the instruction manual to accompany your prayers.
Create your designer life. Shepherd events and coordinate universal resources to orchestrate all the power you have access to that you may not have known is yours to command. Open your mind and life experience to all that you had only dreamed about. Let this book be your gateway to a rich, new, and exciting life with greater harmony and ease of access to your desires.
Relax your stressful thoughts about what should or should not be and learn what can be. Explore your fantasies of what life could be like with dreams fulfilled.

Read more from this exciting new book. A sample chapter is available to read at your leisure.
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Readers’ Comments:

I love your book Spirit’s Course in Creating. The practice points are amazing and eye opening. – A. T.

Thank you Lou! I’m reading your book – it is wonderful! – C.B.C.

Spirit’s Course in Creating is available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Balboa Press and Shop.LouisMandrac.com