November 2014 archive

What is at the core of your belief?

11/30/2014    Our root thought or core belief is ever evolving.  Think of what you used to believe a decade ago or when you were in your teens, and how your beliefs shaped your experiences.  Our core belief is key to creating what we experience.  Spirit explains how it evolves and how we can use that […]

Don’t believe any of it. Know it!

  11/16/14  You create from your core thought of Who You Are.  To change your core thought, don’t believe any of it, you need to know it.  Spirit explains the difference and how this natural, continuous process evolves in every moment. If you choose to believe you are in the process of creating something, that is […]

What’s my core thought got to do with anything?

11/5/14  Spirit says our thoughts of what we want to create are passed through our core thought of Who We Are to see if they align.  Aligned thoughts continue to create our desire as long as it meets certain conditions.   Why are there always more conditions to meet???  At least there is a path laid out […]