June 2015 archive

God help me!

6/21/15   What is your relationship to God?  Are we all One or are we separate?  What we think and what we hear ourselves say don’t always align.  See if this path parallels yours…  You are as much a part of Source as anything is. Believing this will make this lesson doable. Living this will make […]

Heart felt connections return way more than expected

6/14/15    Head or heart?  Which type of connection will give me my best return on investment?  Spirit explains below how using heart felt connections with others helps me to gain way more than I ever expected.   Now, how can I deposit that return into my retirement account? Connecting with others is an art […]

Made in His image

6/10/15   One for all and all for one!  Helping others helps yourself and vice versa.  Use this new knowledge to under stand how we are all made in His image.   Hey, that means we are all one big family connected in Oneness. You are the creator. Just as you are a part of […]