Spirit’s First Blog

Who has time to blog? “Who has time to write or read a blog?”, I always thought to myself. And yet, here I am writing a blog hoping for many readers. The law of opposites at work. Well, I still don’t have time to write that often but will commit to posting content frequently. If […]

Feeling God’s peace

7/22/15    Feeling God’s peace is a lofty goal.  How about just a glimpse into how it could feel?  You know, just to see if you might like to do it again.  Spirit talks about how simple the process is to take baby steps toward feeling peace and joy.  Try it, you just might like […]

How to resolve a dilemma without thinking about it

7/9/15   Whenever I have a dilemma, I start thinking about it, and trying to come up with a solution.  I am guessing that is normal.  How else do I resolve a dilemma? Spirit is saying to not think about the dilemma at all.  WHAAATT??? You may not think in this moment that you will be […]

Thought loop dilemma

7/2/15    Thought loops are making my head spin.  Its like driving in one of New Jersey’s 2 lane circles and trying to get out when you are stuck in the inside lane.  Think National Lampoon’s European Vacation.  Spirit has an easy answer to this dilemma.   Thought patterns that are troubling you may seem […]

God help me!

6/21/15   What is your relationship to God?  Are we all One or are we separate?  What we think and what we hear ourselves say don’t always align.  See if this path parallels yours…  You are as much a part of Source as anything is. Believing this will make this lesson doable. Living this will make […]

Heart felt connections return way more than expected

6/14/15    Head or heart?  Which type of connection will give me my best return on investment?  Spirit explains below how using heart felt connections with others helps me to gain way more than I ever expected.   Now, how can I deposit that return into my retirement account? Connecting with others is an art […]

Made in His image

6/10/15   One for all and all for one!  Helping others helps yourself and vice versa.  Use this new knowledge to under stand how we are all made in His image.   Hey, that means we are all one big family connected in Oneness. You are the creator. Just as you are a part of […]

Being versus doing

5/31/15   Being or doing, which has greater power?  Which makes you stronger?  Spirit explains the laws of both physical and ethereal universes and lets you decide.  Hmmm, what if I chose both grasshopper? You have been trained in the physical world to understand the laws of physics as they apply to your world. Energy […]

Affecting all that is while sitting at home

5/26/15   You are more powerful than you have ever imagined.  Read below to understand what your level of power and authority parallels.  Pretty cool stuff. Source, God, Divinity, All That Is, are all names used to describe the Intelligent Power that created everything seen and unseen. This Intelligent Power is pure Love. This Intelligent […]

The Golden Ticket – the paradox of getting what you want

5/15/15  Curious!  We were given the Golden Ticket, as requested, to enter play land and entered the House of Mirrors only to scare ourselves and try to give the ticket back.  Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it. See if that analogy makes sense after reading Spirit’s explanation… The ego is […]

Why choose the ego?

  4/14/15  Why choose the ego?  It seems we are always trying to defeat or get past and subdue the ego.  Yet, Spirit says we have chosen the ego before incarnating.  Are that fickeled as a species?  Maybe we’ll just file it under ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’. Change is constant. Change […]