August 2015 archive

Easier said than done!

8/29/15    Easier said than done!  Why is my deepest desire not here yet when everyone says it is so easy to manifest?  What is in my way? Spirit shows there is only one thing in your path blocking your desire…  Get out of the way! By now, you have long been wondering how you […]

Where’s my dream job?

 8/9/15   Where’s my dream job?  Just point me in the right direction!   Maybe I don’t have it yet because I am stuck doing something else.  Is there a solution to the age old problem of 2 things not being able to occupy the same place at the same time?  See if this defies science […]

No spirit was harmed in the making of this life

8/3/15   No Spirit was harmed in the making of this life.  Similar to the caption that is posted at the end of each movie, “No animals were harmed in the making of this movie”, because we are eternal beings.  There are many thoughts and theories around why bad things happen to good people and […]