Who is in charge of enforcing the universal Law of Attraction?

Simpson's police chief

1/18/15   The Law of Attraction is immutable.  It works behind the scenes like gravity, electricity and the IRS.  You may not understand it, but it is working 100% of the time, guaranteed or your money back.  “Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.”  You will assimilate.  

The Law of Attraction states: that which you align with vibrationally will attract itself to you and that which is aligned vibrationally will attract each other.

Now that you are doing that which you desire and are closer in alignment to it, you are attracting it into your reality because you believe it to be so. This is when you will have it.

You first thought of your desire. Then you decided to be your desire, mentally, through mind exercises. Then you acted on your desire, doing that which you desired. Now you have your desire. You manifested it into your reality.

This is the process. This is what you have done your whole life in this physical world. Sometimes it happens in seconds as you make your decisions. Sometimes the process takes years as you grapple with a final decision of what you want and changing your thought of Who You Are.

Sometimes the process stops at the thought of Who You Are not aligning with your desire. This is where many of you seem to get bogged down. When your desire does not match or align with your root thought of Who You Are your thoughts vacillate between Who You Are and your desire.

The frequent shifting back and forth of your focus keeps you from proceeding further through the Be-Do-Have process.

For example, if you wanted a brand new car with all the bells and whistles on it, this is your desire. If your root thought of Who You Are is a belief that you are Average Joe who is not making enough to afford a brand new car, therein lays the conflict. Your belief is that the only way to attain a new car is to be making more money.

How to get past this dilemma?

Follow the process: Be, Do, Have. The Universe is constantly flowing, streaming abundance your way. The Universe in all its glory, is giving to you all that you desire and more on a non-stop, continual basis. This ceaseless, never-ending stream of abundance is flowing to you in every moment without regard to Who You Are, where you come from, what your belief is or any other judgment you can place on this idea.

Abundance is over-flowing in the Universe and spilling onto each and every one. The reason you do not experience it is because of the root thought, your core belief of Who You Are allows some aspects of abundance in while stopping other aspects of abundance.

You allow in abundance of air, water, enough food, clothing and so on depending on your belief of what-is-so. You do not allow in aspects of abundance that you believe you cannot afford, are not worthy of, not allowed to have, there is a shortage of and so on.

Your belief of what you can have will allow or stop abundance from flowing directly to you. Closely examine your beliefs of what-is-so. Look very closely at your beliefs about abundance. Do you believe there is enough of everything? Do you believe there is enough of anything? What is the difference? Why is there enough of some and not another? Are you following the model another laid out for you? Does this serve you?

If this belief serves you, then continue to hold on to it for as long as you like. This is your life. If you are enjoying the conflict, the internal debate between desiring something and believing you can’t have it, then by all means, continue with your beliefs. As you decide this old belief no longer serves you, release it. Allow the old beliefs of lack and not enough to fall away from you as you choose a new belief of abundance.

Let me know if you found a way around this Universal Law.

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