October 2014 archive

Any state of being of my choosing? Really???

10/23/14 Some think their state of being evolves naturally, you know, from happy to sad and so on depending on their mood and what is experienced.  Whereas that is true, you are still the creator of  all that.  Spirit tells us how we do that naturally and from understanding the process, we can then create our […]

Is Life happening to me or can I control it?

10/17/14 How do you control what seems out of control at times.  This sounds like a lofty goal – controlling my life.  Can I really control it, everything?  Below, Spirit explains how the process works.  This is just the beginning.  Refer to those who practice these concepts on a daily basis to see how they […]

Be Happy at will?

          10/12/14 Selling happiness?  More like peddling the knowledge of your very own unique emotional link to past happiness that you can bring forth at any time.  This is amazing.  You’ve got to try this.  If you can get any happy feeling from trying it, then you can do it very […]

The String Theory of thought to manifestation

10/7/14 In the beginning there was darkness… Well, really, didn’t it all start in thought?  Didn’t our Creator start everything in thought first?  …and His thought manifested.   We are created in His image, doing the same thing… creating first in thought.  Below, Spirit explains the process we take from thought to manifestation.  Pretty cool […]