What is at the core of your belief?

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11/30/2014    Our root thought or core belief is ever evolving.  Think of what you used to believe a decade ago or when you were in your teens, and how your beliefs shaped your experiences.  Our core belief is key to creating what we experience.  Spirit explains how it evolves and how we can use that knowledge to change our core beliefs, and thus what we manifest.  

This too (changing your beliefs), you are doing constantly. You are changing your root desire to a new thought that satisfies you in the moment. Now you want to change your root thought to a belief of your conscious choosing. The beliefs you evolve into are chosen on a subconscious level that flows past your consciousness at a fast pace. You do this so often on a continual basis that you do not realize you are consciously creating this experience.

Core beliefs are created, in their evolution, at an astounding rate. You have come here to understand how to create them consciously.

Remember back to the times when you held a belief about something, and how it evolved. Let’s choose a topic like math. Remember how you were taught math skills in early school days. Look back on your timeline of evolution just on the topic of math skills. See how, every day, you learned new aspects of this topic and your truth on it changed, evolved, grew and expanded. Notice what math skills others possess that are far beyond your ability. Notice the math skills used in many different applications of science that you have not mastered.

Relate this to your truth about your beliefs. See how your beliefs of what-is-so have changed over your lifetime from an early age to your present day. So many aspects of your beliefs have evolved throughout your life.

You may say that this is natural due to your life experience and growth in maturity. We agree with you. We bring this up to help you realize that where you are today with any belief, all beliefs, is just another point on your timeline. This too will change. This point in your time, these beliefs you have today will change, evolve, grow, expand and become greater than they are now. Your current beliefs will become a part of your history. You will look back on them with the same feelings you have today about other past beliefs.

Understand that all others are on this same evolutionary path. All have this same change in beliefs through their life. Therefore, judge not what others believe today. Each person is exactly where he or she needs to be to help them create the experience they choose to create for themselves. Accept each person as they are. Help them only as they seek to be helped. Forcing change on someone who is not seeking change is temporary at best, resented at worst. Those who are not ready for change will not accept it as a core belief change. Their change, if any, will be superficial and temporary. If their core belief did not change, they will see aspects of the new model they are emulating as erred. They will focus on its perceived faults until they have explained away any supposed benefits as to make it non-functional for them.

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