February 2015 archive

Don’t let reality get in the way of a good dream

2/25/15   We are all experiencing this right now… trying to manifest some big thing for a long time that has not come through for us.  Why is this taking FOREVER???  Ready to give up on this because you think it was not meant to be (as though your destiny is predetermined)?   Spirit explains […]

Now you can answer that age old question – What was he thinking?

2/19/15   That is an age old question.  What WAS he thinking?  The answer I used to come to was, obviously – He wasn’t (thinking).  All that is about to change as Spirit explains how the process works.  This is to help you understand how your thought process, your mind, sees and evaluates the beliefs […]

What is the right combination to unlock secrets to creating?

  2/14/15  Trying to unlock the secrets to creating?  Use this formula to create a gift for your favorite Valentine, yourself.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  This will help you develop your ability to define and refine your desires. Look at each desire as a mold of clay. As you work your clay into a shape that […]

Can you stop thinking of pink elephants long enough to focus on what you want?

2/9/15   Miss the mark in manifesting your desire more than once?  Join the crowd.  We thought we were focused and actively pursuing our goal, only to find out differently.  In fact, we sometimes create exactly what we work to avoid.   Spirit explains how easy it is to make that happen and how easy […]

How long can you hold your belief?

2/4/15  Holding your belief in the face of a contradicting physical reality is our greatest challenge in manifesting.  We usually know what we want, try to hold our belief that it is coming to us, but then have more thoughts of it not happening.   Oh that pesky reality getting in the way again of […]