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9/15/15   What are life’s signals to keep on track?  There are so many people saying so many things, its hard to know what’s right.  Spirit helps level set priorities of what is most important.  I think this makes a lot of sense.

Connect with Source through the art of allowing. The art of allowing is the practice and refinement of not inhibiting the constant flow of abundance to you. This is an art because of the innumerable possible ways of inhibiting the flow of abundance and allowing All in.

Look for signals indicating what is working in allowing abundance into your reality. Signals will come from different sources.

One kind of signal is the arrival of your desires. This is the best signal for it is the result you are looking for.

Another kind of signal that will indicate you are on the right track of allowing abundance is to feel it. Feelings are great indicators that you are connecting with Source. And connecting with Source is being open to All That Is. Connecting to Source is allowing. It is the first major step in allowing.

Feelings are emotions making themselves known to your conscious mind through a physical reaction in your body. Your mind realizes this signal of the body and places a meaning to it.

Your mind feels the body’s reaction and interprets it. Your body manifests these feelings through its communication with Spirit. Your soul is sending you a message in a most direct way to your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind is quite capable of receiving direct communications in the form of thoughts and words but often chooses to believe them to be random thoughts from your ego.

Later in this book We will discuss how to receive and discern communications from Spirit. For now, We will concentrate on the most common communication used through the body, your emotions.

As you receive these signals, notice when they take place. Especially notice what you are thinking about. It is often the thought that just precedes the emotional feeling that is the trigger. The thought that just precedes the emotional feeling is the thought you want to examine.

That thought is the link to your communication with Spirit. The thought just preceding the emotion is the key.   Examine it and see what mystery it unlocks. You will notice it is usually a thought you have had before that was not considered.

These thoughts are usually not new. They are thoughts you had before that were not heeded. They are now escalating into physical form, communicating through emotional feelings, to be registered by your conscious mind.

This is where allowing comes in. This is your Spirit signaling your conscious mind, in a subtle way, to take notice of the message. The timing is important. Take notice of the feelings and the thought related to it just prior to or as you had the feelings.

This is a signal you are aware of the connection. The feelings come as different messages. Cautions may come to you as butterflies in the abdomen or a sinking feeling, something bringing you down. This is a message to rethink what you want to do. This may be a caution to look for a better way, a way that is in harmony with yourself and your true desires.

Another feeling may be a happy, light sensation bringing you peace, calm, joy, excitement, happiness or any “positive” emotion. This message conveys harmony with your desires. This is a message that conveys alignment with your thoughts of Who You Are.

This improved alignment with Source allows abundance. Allowing abundance is an art that takes practice to recognize the signals to look for. As you get better at looking for the signals, you will notice them more often just because you have the intention to find them.

This is your new awareness. Your awareness of these body signals will create and expand your ability to more easily allow abundance into your life.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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