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“You will touch many lives” I heard this voice say as I laid in a tree in my backyard watching my Mom call me to come in. I was only around 9 or 10 years old at the time. Surprisingly enough to me now, I was not in the least interested in where the message came from, only that I might be on TV one day.  TV was my life at that age.  I never once gave a thought to writing a book.

Fast forward some (many) decades later and I am now an ordained Nondenominational Interfaith Minister  and Spiritual Coach certified in hypnosis and trained in Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy). I have authored Spirit’s Course in Creating, a publication with Balboa Press. And, I wrote a blog for a while (of all things).

My wife Michelle and I, along with our three daughters have agreed on some level to take this ride together and make the most of it. Our family grew in the Philadelphia suburbs.
This website is to be about Spirit’s message. My gift to you is to share their messages with you through blogging, books, email responses, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Regressions and any way I can help. This is one of my joys. Please share in it with me.

Spirit Series…
I have authored five completed manuscripts on Spirit’s messages (and counting). Each one is very different from the others. All are a part of the Spirit Series. Each will be released in their time. Right now, my focus is on the first published book, Spirit’s Course in Creating.

Spiritual Regression and Etherial Explorations (past life regressions and more)…
I offer Spiritual Regression & Ethereal Explorations to take you on a tour of your personal ethereal realm. Under a mild hypnosis which is more of a guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to experience your past life and important life messages directly from your angels, with my assistance.
This open invitation is to explore your past lives, directly ask questions of your Guardian Angel, find your Soul’s Purpose, meet loved ones passed-on and future family members. See your Soul Group, Astral Team or your Star Family. Explore a Simultaneous Life, your Pre-Life Planning Meeting or Post-Life Review. Ask the Light-Beings for an Angelic Quantum Cellular Healing. Get angelic direction on your most pressing issue. Although this is serious life exploration, it is fun and very enlightening!

Spiritual Symbol…

Spiritual symbol

The Spirit Symbol is an icon that embodies Spirit’s message in one unique figure.

It’s meaning: Oneness of All That Is through Eternity.

Vertical line—Oneness

Circle—All That Is


Within All That Is (the circle), at the point of intersection of Oneness (the vertical line) and Eternity (the center of the infinity symbol) is You.

Contact me…
You can contact me through this site and Facebook. Please see my Contact page for details.

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