March 2015 archive

Who’s in your contact list?

Spirit is saying we are fully connected at all times, yet know only separation as our reality; an interesting contradiction.  Let’s see how this turns out for us… Connection to Source is constant. You are a part of Source. There is no way you could not be connected to Source. There is no time, however […]

Past and future happen now or never?

3/15/15   I love Spirit’s explanation of our past and future.  I think you’ll love it too. Thinking of the future passes the present until the future has past into the present and our past was our future present.  Try saying that 3 times fast. All That Is exists in the moment of now. The […]

Just a quick review from the beginning of time…

 3/10/15   I absolutely LOVE this description of creation from Spirit.  It answers so many questions about our reality, how we create and were created.  This understanding is the bedrock of knowing how to manifest into your reality.  Follow this and you will have the keys to the kingdom…  or at the very least a […]

Creating Yourself… again! Its like magic.

3/4/15  Thinking you would like to be, do or have something not in your reality?  Ever want to be just a slightly better version of you in some small or big way?  Spirit shows us a good and easy way to accomplish this with a proven process.  See Who else uses this process in the […]