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Step 1: decide the essence of Who You Are

12/27/15   Conscious creation of your designer life starts with a seemingly simple decision on the essence of Who You Are.  The rest really is very easy after that.  It is all about the choices we make.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we were just told what to do? Conscious creation works beyond […]

Push the timeline for creating

10/1/15    Push the timeline for creating by stretching your belief of what is acceptable to you.  Your acceptance of what is allowed is often the limiting factor to what you receive and how long it takes to get here.  Take a new look at what you really believe and be prepared to be surprised […]

Signals to keep on track

9/15/15   What are life’s signals to keep on track?  There are so many people saying so many things, its hard to know what’s right.  Spirit helps level set priorities of what is most important.  I think this makes a lot of sense. Connect with Source through the art of allowing. The art of allowing […]

What’s right is right; don’t confuse me with the facts

9/7/15    Right is right!  Don’t confuse me with the facts that are staring me in the face.  Unless you want something that seems impossible in the moment.  Then its time to look at things differently in order to change the outcome.  Read this logical progression Spirit walks us through to understand how to get […]

Easier said than done!

8/29/15    Easier said than done!  Why is my deepest desire not here yet when everyone says it is so easy to manifest?  What is in my way? Spirit shows there is only one thing in your path blocking your desire…  Get out of the way! By now, you have long been wondering how you […]

Where’s my dream job?

 8/9/15   Where’s my dream job?  Just point me in the right direction!   Maybe I don’t have it yet because I am stuck doing something else.  Is there a solution to the age old problem of 2 things not being able to occupy the same place at the same time?  See if this defies science […]

No spirit was harmed in the making of this life

8/3/15   No Spirit was harmed in the making of this life.  Similar to the caption that is posted at the end of each movie, “No animals were harmed in the making of this movie”, because we are eternal beings.  There are many thoughts and theories around why bad things happen to good people and […]

Don’t believe any of it. Know it!

  11/16/14  You create from your core thought of Who You Are.  To change your core thought, don’t believe any of it, you need to know it.  Spirit explains the difference and how this natural, continuous process evolves in every moment. If you choose to believe you are in the process of creating something, that is […]

What’s my core thought got to do with anything?

11/5/14  Spirit says our thoughts of what we want to create are passed through our core thought of Who We Are to see if they align.  Aligned thoughts continue to create our desire as long as it meets certain conditions.   Why are there always more conditions to meet???  At least there is a path laid out […]

Any state of being of my choosing? Really???

10/23/14 Some think their state of being evolves naturally, you know, from happy to sad and so on depending on their mood and what is experienced.  Whereas that is true, you are still the creator of  all that.  Spirit tells us how we do that naturally and from understanding the process, we can then create our […]