Why can’t I just get what I want, when I want it???

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12/7/14  Two topics are covered below by Spirit.  How does the teacher magically appear when the student is ready?  And, why can’t I get what I want when I want it?  (Also, why were my Catholic grade school teachers compelled to crack my knuckles with a ruler?)

Spirit explains how time is used to our benefit to create at different levels first.  A pretty good system all in all.  Still, it would be fun to create in the moment at least once in a while.  One can dream.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Everyone is in constant evolution. As you evolve to the point of being ready to accept new information on a particular topic, you start focusing on it. Your focused energy of thought attracts aspects of that topic to you. You notice these new aspects and appreciate them as new, which validates your new belief. This focused thought attracts more of the same. The increase of this attraction brings you in line with a ‘teacher’ of this new topic.

The teacher was always there. You did not notice this teacher or did not give it any credence when you were not vibrationally in tune with it.

Your focused thought attracts a physical manifestation of your desire into your reality. The reason it does not happen immediately is due to the time factor. Time is a creation of the physical world of relativity to help you in deciding what you want. Without the use of time, your desires would be created and experienced instantly. In some cases you would judge this as very good. In cases where you manifest your fears into physicality, you would judge this as very bad.

Time gives you the ability to play with each thought in your mind. You get to shape it, try it on, adjust and re-adjust until you get it the way you want it. Each change in the thought of your desire places energy in a different direction. Since there is no consistent focus on any one form of your desire, it is consistently placed at bay.

As you hone in on the exact desire you choose, you are mentally trying it on and seeing how it works for you. You are sending signals to others about your desire and getting their opinions, using them to help confirm or reshape your desire.

At this time you are slowly letting go of the present beliefs and desires that are creating your present reality. Your present reality is keeping you from attaining your new desire because your belief is that your present reality does not contain your new desire.

It is the belief that your present reality does not hold your new desire that creates the reality of your desire not being experienced in this moment.

Let Us repeat that for clarification. The current situation that you are experiencing does not hold your newest desire in view. It is the lack of seeing your newest desire that is creating the reality that you are not creating your newest desire.

Woahh!  It still would be fun for a while to create what I want in the moment.  However, I do agree that our current system is best.  Share your thoughts with the link below.


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