July 2015 archive

What should I expect?

7/28/15   What should I expect?  Are lofty expectations keeping you from realizing your existing connection to Source?  Spirit explains the difference between high expectations and what is most common.  Maybe you have already experienced it and not recognized it.  Hey, you could already be connecting and not know it?   You may have decided […]

Feeling God’s peace

7/22/15    Feeling God’s peace is a lofty goal.  How about just a glimpse into how it could feel?  You know, just to see if you might like to do it again.  Spirit talks about how simple the process is to take baby steps toward feeling peace and joy.  Try it, you just might like […]

How to resolve a dilemma without thinking about it

7/9/15   Whenever I have a dilemma, I start thinking about it, and trying to come up with a solution.  I am guessing that is normal.  How else do I resolve a dilemma? Spirit is saying to not think about the dilemma at all.  WHAAATT??? You may not think in this moment that you will be […]

Thought loop dilemma

7/2/15    Thought loops are making my head spin.  Its like driving in one of New Jersey’s 2 lane circles and trying to get out when you are stuck in the inside lane.  Think National Lampoon’s European Vacation.  Spirit has an easy answer to this dilemma.   Thought patterns that are troubling you may seem […]