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Who has time to blog?

“Who has time to write or read a blog?”, I always thought to myself. And yet, here I am writing a blog hoping for many readers. The law of opposites at work. Well, I still don’t have time to write that often but will commit to posting content frequently. If all goes well, most weeks will have 2 to 3 posts.
Posts will be primarily from four sources. I intend to respond to select reader’s inquiries and comments. I will write some posts as current information inspired by Spirit. Some posts will be portions of Spirit’s Course in Creating, while others may be from my early journaling.
I encourage you to respond to my posts and tell me your thoughts. I love to hear from you.

Dear reader,
We are here for you. Our intention is to be the voice of Spirit for you the reader. Our love for you is overwhelming. You are the brave souls who have incarnated on this planet to experience life in physicality and duality.
You have chosen, on another level, to be a part of this earthly adventure. You are working hard to raise your vibration and thus the world’s vibration. This is one of your main goals. We are speaking to you, dear loved ones, as the brilliant beacons of light that you are. You who are reading this information are far more awake and aware than you realize. You are the relatively small minority on the planet that are understanding your role beyond the norm. You see your role beyond that of a human being. You understand your position as spirit having a human experience.
As such you have the benefit of a greater awareness of All That Is. You can see beyond the physical to the eternal. We appreciate your loving vibration that you hold in your current chosen location. Continue to hold that vibration for those you love. Remember that as spirit, you love all.
If you only knew consciously on a grander scale all that you are, you would not fear the everyday unknowns that creep into your life. Hold the vision of your eternal power and know that we are with you always, in all ways with great, unending love for you all who have chosen to be here on this planet at this time.

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