Spiritual Regression and Etherial Explorations

Rev. Louis Mandrack is an ordained Nondenominational Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Coach certified in hypnosis and trained in Reiki, IET, and author of Spirit’s Course in Creating. Lou offers Spiritual Regression & Ethereal Explorations to take you on a tour of your personal ethereal realm. Under a mild hypnosis, you will have the opportunity to experience your past life and important life messages directly, with Lou’s assistance.

This is your invitation to explore your past lives, directly ask questions of your Guardian Angel, find your Soul’s Purpose, meet loved ones passed-on and future family members. See your Soul Group, Astral Team or your Star Family. Explore a Simultaneous Life, your Pre-Life Planning Meeting or Post-Life Review. Ask the Light-Beings for an Angelic Quantum Cellular Healing. Get angelic direction on your most pressing issue.

Dr. Oz investigates The Science Behind Past Life Regression.  Pretty interesting video sequence from his TV show.


“…I was able to let go of past issues pertaining to my youth.  I enjoyed visiting my family in heaven.”  Tina F., Hatfield, PA

“Amazing insights! It’s a great service to offer, and I think you are a wonderful guide. It’s more than just asking what people see, but also helping them by prompting the right questions. I don’t think I would have received as much information and connection with my current life if you hadn’t asked those questions, . … the regression had a deep and enlightening impact, bringing more awareness, peace, and comfort to me about who I am and why I am here.” Greg C., Horsham, PA

“Thank you for a fantastic session yesterday, it was really amazing, powerful, restorative and healing”
Jon R., Horsham, PA

“My regression with Lou was my first experience with hypnosis. During my session, I went far into a past life that was deeply powerful and has a lot of meaning to me presently. Lou is very intuitive and asked profound questions that guided me to a clear understanding of where I was in time and why I was choosing to remember that life. This experience shed a lot of light on who I am and what my purpose and goals are in this life. Lou is a gifted hypnotist and is absolutely divinely guided! I have already been back for other incredible sessions and recommended him to friends, who have had their own amazing experiences.” Chris D. Fort Collins, CO

“I had a great hypnosis session with Lou – it started out with the intention of taking me back to a previous life through regression, but it was very clear that my guides had other plans for our time! Lou didn’t fight the flow of the energy and instead worked with it to help me get into a great state of being where my guides were able to make healing repairs to my body, which were more important in my life at that point than regressing to a past life. He worked with me to put me into a deep and incredibly receptive meditative state and respectfully gave me time with my guides so they could help me heal. I was really impressed with Lou’s ability to work with my guides and know when to let them lead, rather than trying to control the session when it veered into a whole different direction! The experience I had has stayed with me for many months afterwards, it was very powerful. Thank you again” Renee V., Los Angeles, CA

“It was a surreal experience; very relaxed and calming.  The visions appeared as if in a dream.”  Jason M., Collegeville, PA