Changing lives of quiet desperation


10/22/15     We all experience moments of quiet desperation at some point or another; some of us more than others.  

There is another way.  There are better ways to proceed.  One in particular is a faster, proven method, that just coincidently happens to be fully explained right here in front of you.  Is this just another coincidence?

Understand how you can create your life, as you desire, intentionally and consciously:

So many people are living lives of quiet desperation, waiting, hoping for what they want; accepting life as it comes to them. Life is meant to be experienced to its fullest. Your life incarnate is by choice, your choice. You chose to be in physical form, to experience certain aspects of All That Is. You chose to be here, right now, right where you are.

This life of your choosing can be as fulfilling in each moment as you would like it to be. Your life does not have to be the way it is now. It can change at the speed of thought.

You can consciously design your life. You can be the designer and create a life worthy of the finest example you can think of. This is your choice. It is all your choice, always.

Your life can change very quickly to something different, something better. No matter how much you are enjoying your life you can get more out of it.

Think about that. Think of the possibilities. Really! Stop reading this for a moment and think what else you would want, what you desire to experience to be more fulfilled.



What did you come up with? Was it a change in your lifestyle? Did you say you wanted to change your job? How about your partner? Was it a combination of things?

These are small details compared to the fulfillment We are talking about. We want you to set your sights on enriching your life in ways you didn’t think possible. Some of you were thinking of material possessions, monetary levels, outward stimuli that have proven to make you happy in the past.

Outward stimuli is fun, exciting, even titillating for a while. But that only lasts so long. Outward experiences constantly require change and improvement to keep you interested, keep you from getting bored. Constant improvement of outward stimuli is needed to keep you happy.

You can do better than that. We can help you do much better. What We are offering you is an opportunity to consciously create your life from the inside out. Think about that. What if you reversed the process? What if you thought about this whole topic backwards? Let’s try turning the whole concept of creating inside out, upside down. What would that look like?

Instead of looking for happiness and satisfaction from outside of you, could you create it within you? Could you create contentment within when everything around you is upsetting? Could you create yourself as peaceful and calm when all around you is chaos and upheaval?

That is conscious creation. Consciously creating your reality, as you desire it regardless of what is happening around you, is a beautiful example of being aware of Who You Are fully in the moment.

To be able to intentionally create your preferred actions as outward stimuli urges you to react with old responses is a true grasp of your will. It shows clear intention to maintain your identity and vision of Who You Are.

Knee-jerk reactions, repeating old habits and doing what you’ve always done are ways of the past for those consciously creating their reality. Reactions are actions repeated, without thinking, because it worked for you in the past.

As We discussed in previous chapters, everything is evolving. The entire universe is in evolution. Nothing is constant. As such, everything is unique. Every moment, every thought, every situation is unique. No two of anything are exactly the same.

With everything being unique, so are your reactions. The repeated old habits seem to be exactly the same but are slightly different. Still, this isn’t enough of a difference in many cases to give you the best result you would like.

The best result that would help you the most is a unique, deliberate action for each moment. The best result you would receive is a loving, harmonious path through life. A unique and deliberate act designed in that moment, specifically for that moment will give you a result closest to that goal of harmony.

You already do this to a degree. You are already thinking through each moment to act appropriately. What We are helping you with, is to do this more often, reduce the reactions and increase the conscious creations. This is an easy goal to achieve. It just takes commitment on your part.

Focused thought on reducing or eliminating the knee-jerk reactions to trigger-point situations will give you the results you want. To do this, focus on thinking about what is going on around you. Be in the moment at all times.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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