Is Life happening to me or can I control it?

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How do you control what seems out of control at times.  This sounds like a lofty goal – controlling my life.  Can I really control it, everything?  Below, Spirit explains how the process works.  This is just the beginning.  Refer to those who practice these concepts on a daily basis to see how they have shaped their lives. (i.e. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Doreen Virtue, etc.)

There is no reason you can’t be on that list or start a list of your own when you take charge of how life comes to you.


“You are at the center of creation. You are at the head of creation. You are on the leading edge, first in creating. You are first because all that you create starts with your thought.

Your thought is the first creation. As you think, so shall you be. You become your thought because you are the same vibration as your thought.

Your thought is a vibration of energy. Each thought is a unique vibration of energy. Each thought is different, viewed differently, experienced differently.

The uniqueness of each thought, each moment experienced by each perspective, is a small sample of the creative power held by you, the creator.

You are the creator of your reality. You are the creator of each moment in your life.

Look at your life. Look back on the choices you’ve made. See your life as a chain of events, a series of choices made. See how each choice created an experience. Notice how each thought was the origin, and led to your choice. See yourself as the designer and creator of your life.

Use this new information in your daily life, moment to moment. See how you can create at will that which you desire. See and recognize the time delay, how it differs in exact relationship to the level of your belief in your ability to create it. Notice how that time delay will shorten as you go through this material, practice the exercises and increase your ability to create your desires at will.

Let’s look at your present moment. Notice your thoughts as you read these words. See yourself thinking about each word as you read it. There were a multitude of individual thoughts that you created just during the time it took you to read that last sentence.

Understand that you created each thought. Each thought does not just appear on its own, you create them. This is a crucial distinction. Knowing this distinction is the difference between allowing your life to flow with the tide and making your desires a reality.

Knowing that you created each thought means you can learn to control them. Since thoughts create your reality and you can learn how to control your thoughts. You can learn how to create your reality faster by creating thoughts you choose.

No longer will you feel like your life is happening to you.”

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