Don’t you mean – you’ll see it when you believe it?


1/12/15    We grew up hearing others say “I’ll believe it when I see it”.  And that is the way of the world as we know it… at least on the surface.  Even Morpheus (from the Matrix) said, “Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

Spirit is saying there is more to this world than meets the eye.  It takes your belief to manifest desires into a reality you can see.  And here I thought Morpheus was the wise one.


You believe you will have it when you see it. However, it is the exact opposite that creates your reality. You believe it in your mind before you manifest seeing it in your reality. You will see it when you believe it.

This is the Be-Do-Have principle at work. Be that which you desire. Before you manifested something you have always “been” it conceptually. Being your desire is the first step to having your desire experienced in your reality.

This is the first step because thought is where creation begins. To create something into your reality it must first be in thought. You learned that your desire in the form of thought must have sufficient focus to place a proper amount of energy into it to manifest it into your reality. You also learned that your root thought, of Who You Are, needs to align with your desire to create it.

Being your desire in thought is a clear way of focusing on your desire, seeing yourself mentally as you desire and aligning your root thought of Who You Are with your desire. Being your desire is a mental image game you play to align with your desire.

Being your desire mentally aligns your vibrations. It aligns the vibrations of your root thought of Who You Are with your desire. Alignment of you with your desire will attract your desire.

As you align vibrations of your root thought with your desire you feel more comfortable with your new image of Who You Are. This new image of yourself being your desire creates the image of you doing what you desire. It is the image of you doing what you desire that leads to the belief you can do that which you desire.

As you do that which you desire, you further align your vibration with your desire. Doing what you desire further reinforces the belief of your self-image of being that which you desire. This again, further aligns your vibration with your desire.

This also helps you focus your mind on your desire by seeing yourself doing that which you desire. Seeing yourself doing your desire reinforces your belief that you have your desire. This again further aligns your vibrations of Who You Are to closer match your desire.

The closer match of your vibration to your desire attracts your desire to you. This is how you use the Law of Attraction to help you manifest your desire into your reality.

In other words, you’ll see it when you believe it!  Now wasn’t that fun?  

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