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pushing time

10/1/15    Push the timeline for creating by stretching your belief of what is acceptable to you.  Your acceptance of what is allowed is often the limiting factor to what you receive and how long it takes to get here.  Take a new look at what you really believe and be prepared to be surprised at your own contradictory beliefs.  It surprised me!

Allow more of what Life has to offer into your life. This is the practical side of allowing. This is the side of allowing that is the nuts and bolts of how to do it.

Let’s start with accepting. If you found a coin on the sidewalk, would you pick it up and keep it? Most people would see that as an acceptable scenario.

If you found ten thousand dollars in an unmarked envelope on the sidewalk, would you keep it? This question will push the buttons of many people. The answer to this question is directly dependent on your belief of what is right and wrong.

If a distant cousin showed up unexpectedly and gave you an expensive new car, would you accept it? If you accepted it, how would you feel about accepting it? Would there be hesitation before you accepted the gift? Are you rationalizing in your mind why it is OK to accept it? Did you first think about the circumstances that would make this gift giving OK?

How did you feel? Did this gift scenario give you any strange feelings? Did you get tense anywhere in your body? Did the scenario of money on the sidewalk get you to think about the person who may have dropped it? Did you rationalize why you were not supposed to keep it? Did you start thinking how to find the owner?

These scenarios and questions are designed to help you better understand your core belief around allowing. Remember that you will always receive your desire in a way you can accept, but it will not always come in a way that you can expect.

That last statement means that you will allow into your life only those gifts that come to you in ways you will accept. If something comes to you in a way you feel is wrong, you will not accept it. Yet you will continue to seek that desire to come to you in an acceptable way.

In no way are We telling you to change your moral beliefs of what is right and wrong. We are making you more aware of the process. We want you to have a heightened sensitivity to your belief system and your part in actively pushing away that which you desire.

Here are some more scenarios for you to consider. These too will give examples of how your belief may not allow abundance in.

Is there enough to go around? Is there enough of everything for everyone?

If you buy a lottery ticket, do you think about the poor people who really need the winnings? Do you think about poor countries and wonder if there is enough food for them or enough money to send them and still take care of your country’s national debt?

Do these questions make you think about how much there is available and who should be getting it? Are you wanting God to decide these weighty questions for you?

As a part of All That Is, your thoughts blend with others to make the results realized by the world. Think about that carefully. You are influencing the world merely by thinking.

How this affects allowing abundance in is through your belief. Your core belief of what-is-so creates your reality of allowing only certain aspects of abundance into your reality at any given time.

See everyone as a part of Source. See All That Is as a part of Source. See that there is enough exactly and precisely to the level of each person’s belief.

As each person changes their belief, they change their experience of abundance. Your momentary glimpses into allowing come when you feel deserving of something. Notice the times you feel anticipation waiting for something that you are expecting. This moment in your life, filled with expectation of the inevitable, is a moment of grace in allowing.

You see it as real, palpable, and inevitable. You see this item coming into your reality because you believe it to happen. This is the feeling of allowing. This is the real life daily application of this concept of allowing. This is what We want you to feel all the time about anything and everything you truly desire.

Have that expectation of your desire inevitably coming into your reality. Be excited about it. Prepare for it. Know that your desire is on its way and look for all signs of it coming to you.

This is what you do normally, unthinkingly when you are waiting for something that you have worked for. You anticipate its arrival, you expect it, prepare for it, and look for it. Do the same thing with any desire you choose to call forth.

All of these steps reinforce your belief that your desire is coming to you. Every time you reconfirm your belief you solidify its reality. Your belief will create your reality. Your belief, reconfirmed repeatedly, will attract your desire faster.

This is the nuts and bolts of allowing. Force it to come faster for you by pushing your belief system. This may seem arbitrary and feel contrived at first. You may feel that the process is artificial and not natural. This is only because you are consciously pushing up the timeline for creating your desire.

Instead of taking it slow with very tiny baby steps in evolving your belief in achieving your desire over a long period of time, you are condensing the process by telling yourself you belief your desire is at hand now.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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