Step 1: decide the essence of Who You Are


12/27/15   Conscious creation of your designer life starts with a seemingly simple decision on the essence of Who You Are.  The rest really is very easy after that.  It is all about the choices we make.  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we were just told what to do?

Conscious creation works beyond the moment to create a life of your choosing. Conscious creation also works on your entire life. Like some of the ideas you had for yourself from the question at the beginning of the chapter, look at what you want to experience throughout your life. Consider everything from a moment-to-moment experience to a ten or twenty year plan.

Consider Who You Are now, and whom you choose to be. Think about your essence, about the essence of Who You Are. Think about yourself in relation to whom you believe you really are. That means: do your life and actions reflect how you see yourself? Do you see yourself as someone different than you think others see you based on your actions and words?

Everyone is complex. All beings have multiple layers to them. Everyone sees their world from their perspective, which is ever changing. From this ever-changing perspective, each of you acts from changing beliefs. This creates the impression that each person is complex and sometimes hard to understand because of his or her changing behavior.

Seeing the essence of Who You Are helps define your goal and standard of whom you choose to be. You can define and refine the essence of Who You Are at will. This is a very internal process and does not take long.

Decide who you want to be as your first step in consciously creating your life. Define who you want to be as the essence and core of Who You Are. This is not an external definition like an athlete, lawyer or mother. Your essence is internal like a caring, loving, giving person; an extrovert, adventurous or intellectual person; maybe an empathetic person or one who connects from the heart.

That is the essence of Who You Are, it is internal and it is ever changing. You can and do change Who You Are often. In fact, you are continually changing Who You Are in each moment. The specific details of Who You Are changes by the moment. The essence of Who You Are evolves more slowly.

If you are a caring, loving person, that is the essence of Who You Are and will continue to remain the same for some time. The details of caring for someone in one particular situation over another change in the moment.

Once you have consciously defined Who You Are, you can decide what you would like to experience in life. Your life, as an external process, would include family, work, hobbies, where to live and the like. Consider each area of your life and change it as often as you want.

Conscious creation of your external experience is easier than you might think. It can be a lot easier than your past efforts, once you know how. Conscious creation of any part of your life is nothing more than a focus of your intention. As you learned in Chapter One, dividing your attention and changing your desires dilutes your efforts and creates the experience of wanting many different things.

Conscious creation, as in focusing in the moment, will work over a longer period of time, like focusing on a creation that may take years. Remember back to something you created in your life that took years to create. Think back to a degree earned in education like High School, the courtship of your loved one, the raising of a child, the attainment of housing. Any of these experiences, or others like them, took years in the making and years to maintain the experiences.

Your decision to create something different in your life will be no different than the creation of your past experiences except that you could choose to speed up the process. By knowing how it is done, you could consciously create your experience in a shorter time.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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