Believe and allow. Can it be that easy?


1/25/15  Believe and allow.  If it is that easy, why don’t we have all we want?  Spirit explains why we cut ourselves off from the flow because we don’t see instant confirmation that our desires are being fulfilled.  I can do that much from my couch, all day long. 

Notice how you can get what you want more often when you believe it is possible, you are deserving and there is enough. When you believe there is enough, there will be no fear that someone else will be shorted when you get what you want.

Know that the Universe is perfect in its design. Know that there is abundance. Know there is more than enough. Even within your beliefs of a limited amount of goods and services there is still enough to fill everyone’s desires. Knowing this is to achieve it.

Believe it and you will achieve it. Believe it in the core thought of Who You Are and this will begin the process of achieving it. Allow abundance to flow through you and you will achieve your desires readily.

Allowing abundance in, receiving it, is sometimes the biggest obstacle you place in your own path. This is often because of your beliefs of deserving or fears that others will not have enough if you get what you want, or others will resent you and so on. You are very good at creating reasons why you should not achieve your desires.

Look at our example of the person who wants the new car. In this case, the reason created for him not to achieve his desire is a lack of income. If Average Joe opened his mind to all of the possibilities, believed in the flowing abundance of the Universe to him, he would begin the process of Be-Do-Have. Because he believed he could not attain this car, he stopped the process.

Joe wants the car, desires a new car, but believes in his core thought of Who He Is that he cannot afford a new car. His core belief about himself is one who cannot afford a new car. This is where he stays, mentally and physically, vacillating between his desire for a new car and his belief that he cannot afford a new car.

Joe does not give enough credence to the belief that he can attain a new car. He gives a great deal of validity to the belief that he cannot have a new car.

Believing you are able to attain your desire is all you have to do. The Universe will handle the rest. Source will move all of Divinity in your direction to achieve your desire. Source will flow abundance to you.

Believe and allow. That is your part. That is all you have to do. Get to the point in your consciousness where you can believe and allow and let Source handle the rest.

Do not burden yourself figuring out exactly, to the last detail, how it will all work out. In fact, you will manifest faster by not concentrating on the details and allowing Source to work out the details.

Amazing!  This information parallels Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich printed almost 80 years ago.  Each book finds its audience.  When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Blessings to all.

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