“Do I feel lucky?”



“…you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’  Well, do ya, punk?”

That line from Dirty Harry is #51 of the top 100 movie quotes of all time.  It sets up Spirit’s explanation of the construction of luck, chance, probability, etc.  (This will be a real challenging concept to the Statistics majors.)  I think you’ll see by this explanation, the characters in the movie did co-create their reality together.  How lucky do you consider yourself?


“The creation of images in your mind is the process all creation takes. This first step in creating is a thought, any thought. You create a new thought every moment, every second. You are continually creating new thoughts. Each thought is built on a previous one.

Your thoughts are linked like a chain. Repeating similar thoughts pours energy into that chain, making it stronger. Thinking many different and conflicting thoughts diffuses the energy used, whereby no one thought receives enough energy to be created.

Thought is energy, pure energy. Energy is a vibration. Each vibration has a different rate. Each thought is a vibration of a different frequency.

All matter is made up of energy. Energy is a vibration. All matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies. This has been proven by your quantum physics.

All matter is energy created by thought.

We want you to fully understand and remember this, so it is worth repeating. All matter is energy created by thought.

Your thoughts have created all that you have, all that you do and Who You Are.

Your thoughts allow. They allow things, people, and events into your life. Things that were gifted to you are a result of thoughts allowing.

Think of a time when you were alone and wanted company. Eventually, someone called or visited or you went out for a reason and met someone. You created companionship. Believing this is coincidence denies Who You Are and your ability to create. There are no coincidences. There is no happenstance or serendipity. Neither is there luck, good or bad. Chance does not exist, nor does probability.

All of these are constructs of your imagination creating an illusion of accidental circumstance to create an element of surprise and excitement around the unknown of what could happen.

See through this illusion now to change your belief of what-is-so. Know that you create your reality. If you win or loose a game of chance, it is your creation. If you have a freak accident, your root thought manifested it. If you feel lucky, it is your core belief at the moment.

Understand that you create your entire reality. This is a very large shift from the common belief of many things happening to you. Most can accept that they can take charge of their life, however; few can easily take full responsibility for 100% of their life. There is great comfort in believing in events that happen out of your control. It is easier to think that the accidents and mishaps are not your fault. Few are easily willing to take responsibility for these occurrences, as well as attacks on them.

Knowing that you are the creator of your life, all of it, every single moment and event gives you more freedom. The freedom comes as a choice. Knowing you are the creator of each moment relieves you of the feeling that you have no control over what will happen next. Any event that you experience and judge negatively can be recreated anew in the next moment. Therein lies the freedom. It is the freedom to continue creating to your heart’s content. As you create a moment that does not please you, know you created it and have the ability to recreate it. This can relieve the anxiety from thinking others are in control of your life.

Others have influence to the degree you allow it. All information received has influence to the degree you allow it. You make the final decision about your reality. Know that We are here to support your every desire. Your thoughts initiate the system. Your desire starts the creative process. Your thought is your creation, the first in a series that builds on itself.”


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