Be Happy at will?

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Selling happiness?  More like peddling the knowledge of your very own unique emotional link to past happiness that you can bring forth at any time.  This is amazing.  You’ve got to try this.  If you can get any happy feeling from trying it, then you can do it very well with practice.  Also, this makes you realize how we can choose our emotions at will more than we ever thought possible.

“Remember the times you were about to do or say something and you felt “funny” before, during or after the event? Remember the tingling in your body around your abdomen. This is an electronic message sent from your soul though your subconscious to your body to reach your conscious mind.

This message is in the form of emotion. An emotion is the vibration of a message that is manifested into a stronger, slower vibration that your body can feel. You have felt this as joy, sadness, anxiety, tension, stress and many other feelings. You feel these emotions in your body, not just your mind. These are received differently than just thoughts. Emotions are given more weight when considering their meaning. They impact your awareness with greater validity. You listen to your emotions more than your thoughts.

Your thoughts about your emotions are the interpretation you place on the meaning of the emotion. This event, the receiving of the emotion, is the message you are sending yourself about your alignment with a thought. The more you are aligned with your thoughts, the more joy you will feel.

Your emotions are a barometer to your connection with Source. Your thoughts of Who You Are, are your connection with Source. The thoughts that most align with and represent Who You Are, are the thoughts that give you the greatest feeling of joy and connection to Source. This is often a knowing of being in the moment. This is where your greatest manifestations occur.

Being in the moment, having thoughts that are in alignment with Who You Are and feeling connected to Source is when you create your grandest joys, your most memorable events.

Think back to these moments. Remember when you were most happy and everything seemed to be going your way. Remember the feeling coursing through your body. Place yourself in that moment and relive the joy.

Remember being fully involved in the moment without distractions? Remember your focus on the moment, what was happening right then. Think of how right it felt to be there at that moment. Notice how good it felt to be you, then.

This is a moment of alignment with Source. This is a moment of connection with Who You Are. This is a moment you can duplicate at will. There is no need to wait for certain circumstances to create themselves by happenstance. It is not serendipity that creates these moments for you. You create these moments by being in the moment. You also create for yourself the illusion of not being able to create those joyous moments at will.”

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