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Affecting all that is while sitting at home

5/26/15   You are more powerful than you have ever imagined.  Read below to understand what your level of power and authority parallels.  Pretty cool stuff. Source, God, Divinity, All That Is, are all names used to describe the Intelligent Power that created everything seen and unseen. This Intelligent Power is pure Love. This Intelligent […]

The Golden Ticket – the paradox of getting what you want

5/15/15  Curious!  We were given the Golden Ticket, as requested, to enter play land and entered the House of Mirrors only to scare ourselves and try to give the ticket back.  Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it. See if that analogy makes sense after reading Spirit’s explanation… The ego is […]

Why choose the ego?

  4/14/15  Why choose the ego?  It seems we are always trying to defeat or get past and subdue the ego.  Yet, Spirit says we have chosen the ego before incarnating.  Are that fickeled as a species?  Maybe we’ll just file it under ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’. Change is constant. Change […]

Who’s in your contact list?

Spirit is saying we are fully connected at all times, yet know only separation as our reality; an interesting contradiction.  Let’s see how this turns out for us… Connection to Source is constant. You are a part of Source. There is no way you could not be connected to Source. There is no time, however […]

Past and future happen now or never?

3/15/15   I love Spirit’s explanation of our past and future.  I think you’ll love it too. Thinking of the future passes the present until the future has past into the present and our past was our future present.  Try saying that 3 times fast. All That Is exists in the moment of now. The […]

Just a quick review from the beginning of time…

 3/10/15   I absolutely LOVE this description of creation from Spirit.  It answers so many questions about our reality, how we create and were created.  This understanding is the bedrock of knowing how to manifest into your reality.  Follow this and you will have the keys to the kingdom…  or at the very least a […]

Creating Yourself… again! Its like magic.

3/4/15  Thinking you would like to be, do or have something not in your reality?  Ever want to be just a slightly better version of you in some small or big way?  Spirit shows us a good and easy way to accomplish this with a proven process.  See Who else uses this process in the […]

Don’t let reality get in the way of a good dream

2/25/15   We are all experiencing this right now… trying to manifest some big thing for a long time that has not come through for us.  Why is this taking FOREVER???  Ready to give up on this because you think it was not meant to be (as though your destiny is predetermined)?   Spirit explains […]

Now you can answer that age old question – What was he thinking?

2/19/15   That is an age old question.  What WAS he thinking?  The answer I used to come to was, obviously – He wasn’t (thinking).  All that is about to change as Spirit explains how the process works.  This is to help you understand how your thought process, your mind, sees and evaluates the beliefs […]

What is the right combination to unlock secrets to creating?

  2/14/15  Trying to unlock the secrets to creating?  Use this formula to create a gift for your favorite Valentine, yourself.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!  This will help you develop your ability to define and refine your desires. Look at each desire as a mold of clay. As you work your clay into a shape that […]