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 3/10/15   I absolutely LOVE this description of creation from Spirit.  It answers so many questions about our reality, how we create and were created.  This understanding is the bedrock of knowing how to manifest into your reality.  Follow this and you will have the keys to the kingdom…  or at the very least a better understanding of how easy it is to manifest a desire.

For new readers, God is the Source of All That Is.    

You are connected to the Source of All That Is. You are a part of the Source.

You have within you, the same power and potential that has created worlds, the Universe and so much more. You can think of yourself as a miniature version of All. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm.

This (chapter) will explore you as part of the whole, your relationship to everything else and your interconnectedness.

You are an integral part of All That Is. You are a key co-creator in this grand design. This is an experience for all involved.

This process of life started with a bang. All That Is, Who always was, expanded Itself into all that you are aware of and so much more. All that you are aware of is an infinitesimal part of All That Is.

All That Is, Source, is energy. The essence of Source energy is vibration. This can also be thought of as thoughts. Source is essentially thought vibration. We are all thought vibrations oscillating at different rates. This is what makes Us unique. Each of Us vibrates at a different frequency.

There are many different levels of vibrations. The physical world vibrates at the lowest frequencies. We exist vibrating at a higher frequency. Source is vibrating at the highest rate.

Source is Love. All That Is is Love. You are Love. You are pure thought energy of Source. This is your connection to Source. You are One with Source, One with All That Is.

Source knew Itself to be Love, knew Its grandeur and pure potential. Source, as pure thought energy, knew this as truth but did not experience it. Upon choosing to experience Itself, Source created All That Is.

All That Is, is Source expanded. Source expanded Itself as energy, from energy into energy realized. Source went from pure Love energy to include energy “in-formation.”

Energy in-formation is you. Energy in-formation is All That Is, realized in all possibilities. Source took on form in all dimensions, all ways, seen and unseen.

Source chose to be in physical and non-physical (energy) form to experience Itself in ways it could not as pure thought.

Source is Life in all forms. All That Exists is Life energy. Life seeks to expand Itself. All That Is has been and always will continue to expand in ways not imagined by contemporary thought. All other dimensions exist beyond your ability to see or measure their existence. Life in these dimensions expands in the same way.

One of the dimensions you have created into your reality is time. Time is a dimension unique to the physical world. Time is a fabrication created to give a reference to memories.

Time does not exist in the reality of Spirit. Spirit exists in the ever-present moment of now. As a part of Spirit, you live in the present moment of now.

Now is where Life exists. All things occur in the moment of now. Nothing happens before or after this very moment you are living in, right now.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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