Past and future happen now or never?


3/15/15   I love Spirit’s explanation of our past and future.  I think you’ll love it too.

Thinking of the future passes the present until the future has past into the present and our past was our future present.  Try saying that 3 times fast.

All That Is exists in the moment of now. The physical world has conditioned you to the past, present and future. Let’s look at each of these.

The past is a memory. It does not exist in the present moment. The past is what you remember it to be. Your memory is fallible. Your memory is a process of reliving past events in your mind.

As you go through your life, you change. As you change, your beliefs change. As every aspect of you changes, your perspective changes. This allows for subtle to large evolutions in the memories of events past.

The past is living only in your memories. You may see pictures, movies and evidence of past events that verify what you believe to be true about the past. You may at times confront evidence that contradicts your belief of what happened in the past.

All these things you see that remind you of the past are activities occurring in the present. Your memory of the past is relived in your mind in the present. All things occur in the present. This is Source, where Source exists, where you exist.

You may believe you affect the future. You may think you can control the future. You may even believe future time exists.

The only dimension that exists is now. The future is a reference. It is an imaginary measuring tool created by you in the physical world to create a time line reference.

The future as a state of existence or element of a dimension does not exist. The future does not exist. Your belief in the future is what does exist in the present. Your belief that future time will occur makes it happen. Your belief is strong in future events. This is what creates your reality.

Yet the events you believe will occur in the future only occur in the present. You believe events will occur in the future, but they only ever occur in the present.

You have planned a birthday party for next week. You make plans by inviting others, shop for the present, make the arrangements and so on. You mark the calendar for the big day. That day comes around and you have the party. Notice the party did not take place in the future. Everything occurs in the present moment of now.

You can affect future possibilities. You can plan future events and choose the experience you want to create. You can set up certain chains of events to predict with relative certainty that a given outcome will occur. You do this all the time. And you do this all in the present moment.

Yet there is still an element of the unknown to any future situation. You know with reasonable certainty the birthday party will happen as planned but still, there is a small question in the back of your mind. Will it turn out well?

It is not until the event is created in the moment, unfolds before your eyes, that you realize how everything turned out.

We spoke in the first chapter about your root thought, your core belief. What is your core belief about the plans for the birthday party? Do you believe it will go according to plan? Are you thinking you missed something? Are you expecting someone there to be critical of your work? Are you anticipating some disruption to the events? Are you keeping a watchful eye out for those things, waiting, wondering?

If any of those questions are nagging at you about an event, you are likely to manifest some version of it. To keep those things from happening and create as you desire, hold your vision.

You are connected to Source. You are a part of Source. You co-create with Source. Use this power, this knowledge to create your desires. Source flows abundant to you on a continual basis. Accept it. Allow it into your belief.

Hold your vision of the event you choose to create, in your mind, throughout the party. You will create what you believe. Source will stream abundance to you in the moment.

As you see your vision unfolding before you, you are being in the moment. This is where All That Is exists. You are connected to Source. You are creating your desire.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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