What is the right combination to unlock secrets to creating?


2/14/15  Trying to unlock the secrets to creating?  Use this formula to create a gift for your favorite Valentine, yourself.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 

This will help you develop your ability to define and refine your desires. Look at each desire as a mold of clay. As you work your clay into a shape that you recognize, you will start to see your design take form.

As the design takes form, time passes by. As time passes by, everything that exists changes and evolves. You change and evolve. You have a multitude of thoughts during this time while you are forming your desire into reality.

If you are changing, your desires are evolving and the world around is in constant flux, how do you create what is essentially a moving target? This is easier than you might think and again, you have been doing this your whole life. Here is what to consider in order to do this effectively and consciously.

Keep your focus on the outcome, specifically the feelings of joy you will emote upon realizing your creation into your reality. This is what you do when you get excited anticipating some future event. “I can’t wait,” you may find yourself saying. This is a clear outward signal that you are focusing on the feelings and emotions you will experience and create for yourself upon realizing the outcome.

This is the way to continue focusing on manifesting your creation while still forming the details. The essence of your desire is what you focus on. The joy of realizing your desire is what you focus on. The joy of realizing your desire is the goal. The experience of creating is your purpose. None of these are dependent on the finer details that you have time to decide on.

The time it takes you to create your desire gives you the time to figure out the minor aspects of that which you desire.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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