Why choose the ego?


4/14/15  Why choose the ego?  It seems we are always trying to defeat or get past and subdue the ego.  Yet, Spirit says we have chosen the ego before incarnating.  Are that fickeled as a species?  Maybe we’ll just file it under ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’.

Change is constant. Change is eternal. Life is constant change. You seek the physical world because the experience of change and choice is vastly different from your natural state. The difference in the physical state versus your natural state includes the concept of separation.

Separation adds a whole new dimension to your experience and is the main catalyst fueling the physical experience you choose. In your natural state of Oneness, you know and experience being One with All That Is in all ways. The only difference is your consciousness. Your thoughts are created by you and shared with All.

Think of it as information shared on the network hard drive of your computers; all information shared with anyone interested.

In order to facilitate your belief in separation and make your experience being separate real to you, you created and took on what you call the ego. Ego is an energy form, a belief as all beliefs are energy; all thought is energy.

The ego is your key; your entry ticket into this world of illusion. The biggest illusion you created for yourself besides the physical nature of All is your belief in separation from everything else.

The ego is the veil of separation. Through the ego you are able to be in the physical world and see everything else as separate. This is your choice. It is your continual choice in every moment. You create as you believe. You continue to create the belief in separation to experience and decide Who You Are.

Separation is an illusion provided by the ego. This is done at your request to be able to experience Life in this world. Knowing Oneness in all ways would not give you the same experience in the physical world. Knowing Oneness would create a euphoric feeling of bliss. You would not know or experience duality. You would see through that illusion. You would not know or experience relativity. You would see through that illusion.

Knowing Oneness would be like your natural state and that would not be a new experience for you. It would not give you the ability to know Who You Are in experience. You know yourself to be all loving. In Spirit you believe yourself to be forgiving, but since you cannot be harmed, there is no chance to practice forgiveness. There is no one to forgive.

In order to experience forgiveness as a means to know Who You Are, as one who forgives, you need an environment that provides a context in which you can believe you are harmed. This contextual field is the physical universe.

The physical world is the field of context into which you incarnate in order to experience being one who forgives. The physical world gives you the ability to experience many possibilities. There is an infinite realm of possibilities open to you. This is one of the many things that attract you here. You can experience forgiveness, anger, hatred, love, fun, play, games, competition, battle, birth and death to name but a few of the infinite number of possible experiences. The combinations of these experiences, mixed with different perspectives in varying situations, explode the realm of possible experiences exponentially through infinity.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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