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Spirit is saying we are fully connected at all times, yet know only separation as our reality; an interesting contradiction.  Let’s see how this turns out for us…

Connection to Source is constant. You are a part of Source. There is no way you could not be connected to Source. There is no time, however brief, that you could not be a part of Source. There is nowhere you could be that you are not in Source. Source is All That Is, God, Life, you.

Being connected to Source is non-stop. Source allows you to create your reality. You are able to create your reality however you choose. You are even able to create a reality for yourself where you believe you are separate from All That Is. You are able to create a reality for yourself where you believe you have no control over what happens to you.

This is the magnificence and perfection of your ability to create. You do create your reality, what is real for you; exactly as your root thought believes it to be.

We are One. All That Is exists in Oneness. Source created everything in existence out of Itself, while keeping everything connected in Oneness.

In this state of Oneness, every entity knows itself as part of the whole. Every entity knows immediately its effect on the whole. This knowledge of Oneness is Love. Love for others as yourself is a given, as each entity knows all else in existence is part of itself.

No entity can be harmed, for it is eternal and of Source. All That Is is pure love energy, eternal spirits in Source. We know harm is an illusion. We know there is no such thing as harm.

We know there is no separation. Separation is an illusion. Separation does not exist. Oneness is real, and is all that exists. Oneness is the ultimate reality.

Our friends in the physical world do not remember Oneness. You only know separation. The concept of Oneness seems foreign to you. It is merely a conceptualized idea at best for most of you. Relatively few of you have actually experienced a small portion of Oneness in meditation or Near Death Experience.

Separation is useful to you in the physical world. This is why you have chosen to experience this. You are Spirit having a physical experience. Your natural state of being is Spirit. You are Spirit incarnated.

This is your connection to Source. This is why your connection exists. You are Spirit derived from Source. You are a part of Source in constant communication as any part of your body is with your whole body.

Your desire in coming into the physical realm from Spirit realm is to experience Life. We use the term Life with a capital “L” to represent All That Is. Life is a word you understand to mean being alive in the physical sense. Life in this meaning includes all aspects of living in the physical.

The physical realm is a world of duality. It is also a world of relativity. Duality is seen as separate. This is separate from that. One direction is different from another direction. You see yourself and then you see everything else separate from you.

This is not so in Spirit realm. Your natural state of being is Oneness. This experience in the physical world is unique and very different from your natural state. You enjoy this change immensely. You seek to repeat this experience over and over again. This change in state is done repeatedly as you try new experiences in different bodies, in different situations, in a multitude of possibilities. You love the differences, the constant change, and the infinite possibilities of choice.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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