Now you can answer that age old question – What was he thinking?


2/19/15   That is an age old question.  What WAS he thinking?  The answer I used to come to was, obviously – He wasn’t (thinking).  All that is about to change as Spirit explains how the process works. 

This is to help you understand how your thought process, your mind, sees and evaluates the beliefs and creations of others.

Your mind is constantly creating thoughts. It is evaluating all the information it receives. Information comes in from all directions. Information comes in from all of your known physical senses, your mind’s own thoughts, and messages received from Us. The messages from Us are often interpreted as your own thoughts, albeit sometimes inspired.

All of this input keeps your mind busy. It is understandable that you do not believe you are receiving messages from Us on a very regular basis. With the lack of truly deep, heartfelt conversation between the majorities of people, it is no wonder you would not see others as receiving Our messages on a regular basis.

Given that We do communicate with everyone very often throughout the day, you can know that We are all connected through this energy communication system. We are indeed One mind communicating on a multitude of levels. It is this fact that eludes so many as you live through your physical lives.

Seeing others go through their lives, making choices, acting out their desires gives you pause as to what drives them. You often ask yourself why others do what they do; believe what they believe, and so on.

These questions show a desire for an understanding of how the human psyche works, its drive and motivations, why humans make the choices they do.

In a nutshell, everyone thinks similar to you. You are the microcosm of the macrocosm. Obviously, everyone does not come to the same conclusions you do, but the thinking process is exactly the same.

Here is how it works: Everyone believes they are doing what is appropriate, given their model of the world.

That’s right, everyone looks at the world differently, through their own personal history and uses their experiences, truths and knowledge to derive a model of the world as they see it. This model of the world is extremely unique to each and every single being in existence.

Each person’s model of the world is created through their life experience as they lived it. Each person’s model of the world is created through their thought process as they decided it ought to be.

Therefore, identical twins seemingly raised exactly the same with identical experiences will still have created two completely different models of the world and not see their reality exactly the same.

Others will not experience the same conclusions. Even when you and another see the exact same event, movie, book, each of you will come away with a different experience and judgment of that experience.

This is because of your point of view. Your point of view is unique. It is different from every other human’s. Your point of view now is even different from your point of view yesterday, a year ago and a decade ago.

Everyone’s point of view changes as they experience life. Living through your life changes your view, because you are constantly receiving new data from all receptors. All of this new data gives you more information that shapes and alters your perception of what-is-so.

Your perception of what-is-so is the filter through which your judgments and decisions are sifted. And your perception of what-is-so changes with all new data input.

This is the same process everyone goes through. You may ask yourself how someone could come to a different conclusion than you when seeing a particular event. Some things, you may think, are basic and common to everyone.

Again, the same process occurs. Others see the same event as you and come to a different judgment of it because the basis of their experiences and perception of what-is-so is completely different from yours. Their life experience brings them to a different conclusion. Their values, gathered from their life experience, place greater weight on different aspects of the event witnessed.

This is not for you to have to understand when encountering each person. It is only for you to accept as a given premise that this is to be.

The fact that another exists separate from you is all that is needed to understand that their view point will always be different from yours. Your point of view is from your perspective. Their point of view is from their perspective.

Honor this and allow it to be, to give you more peace. Accepting this as your truth will give you greater joy with others. Expecting others to have a different perspective gives others the freedom to be themselves around you. This lowers the stress and enables more love to flow freely.

Accepting their point of view as their point of view gives others a feeling of peace in freely expressing themselves in your presence. They will love you for it.

Wow, accepting other for Who They Are in the moment, as they come to you.  Wouldn’t this be a better world if we all did that?  I choose to be the change I want to see in the world.  How about you?

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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