Easier said than done!


8/29/15    Easier said than done!  Why is my deepest desire not here yet when everyone says it is so easy to manifest?  What is in my way?

Spirit shows there is only one thing in your path blocking your desire…  Get out of the way!

By now, you have long been wondering how you allow it All in. It is quite simple in concept but We notice most of you find many aspects of consciously allowing difficult to practice. Allowing is very natural to you in your natural state of Spirit. Your experience of consciously creating large desires in the physical world is often challenging. This is because your conscious desire conflicts with your core belief of what-is-so and this stops you from allowing that aspect of All in to your reality.

So, how do you allow All in? What is the easy formula for allowing all of your desires into your reality? Remember that even in your physical state in this physical world, everything is a vibration. Everything is energy. Everything that exists and ever will exist is Source, pure thought energy. Remember that you are Source thought energy too.

As Source thought energy, you are equal in all ways to that which you desire. You are the same energy vibration as that which you desire. The only difference is the frequency of your vibrations. You become the frequency of your desires as you think about it. You attract your desire as you think about and become that frequency vibration. Like vibrations attract.

Look around now and notice what you do have in your life. See all that you have thought about, attracted to you and created into your reality. See all of the desires you did consciously create for yourself.

What is the difference between what you have and what you desire that has not materialized? Why have some desires appeared and others have not? What did you do and believe to attract some things and not others?

The difference is your belief. What do you believe will happen? What you believe in your core being, your deepest belief is what you will allow into your life. You are at the edge of creation, you create your ability to allow All in to the extent you believe you can.

Your belief allows portions of All in, as you believe it is possible, as your core belief says is possible. Armed with this knowledge you may understand how you are allowing only so much abundance into your life. And you are beginning to better understand why everyone is at different levels of allowing abundance into their lives.

You may be thinking about something on the surface of your desires that you have been working on manifesting into your life but it has not yet been realized. You may be saying that you truly believe you are destined to create this into your life. Now you are asking why it has not happened yet. “Why do I not have this in my life if I believe so deeply that I should have it by now?”

Has the answer come to you yet? Close your eyes and give yourself a minute to think on it. Better yet close your eyes and don’t think on it, allow the answer in, know that you already have the answer. Do this now.


Did you come up with an answer? Let’s see how close it comes to ours. If you posed the question to yourself the way We have it written in the previous paragraph, then that is where your conflict lies. The question you ask yourself has the answer in it.

The question shows your core belief. Your actions show your core belief. Your thoughts, words and deeds are all pointing to your core beliefs. Now what is the answer to the question – why don’t you have your desire?


Your thoughts are acknowledging your core belief in lack. Your words are acknowledging your core belief in lack. Your deeds are acknowledging your core belief in lack. This is how you create.

We’ll explain this further. Your thoughts acknowledge your core belief in lack as you pose the question stating the fact you don’t have it. This is a reflection to you of what is inside you. See how your mind mirrors your core belief to show you what is hidden inside.

You openly state your belief in the question. This statement further reinforces what you believe and brings it more into the physical, from thought to word.

You take this a step further through deed. You look around you to confirm the thoughts and words that expressed the lack. Now you have again continued to create into your reality through thought, word and deed, that which you truly believe to be so.

To allow abundance into your life just believe it to be so. All That Is could not have made it any easier or simple to remember. There is nothing that would take less effort to do. For a being whose natural state is thought vibration, this could not be any more natural to you.

You already have been doing this for your entire existence. This is how you create. Every part of abundance you have allowed so far in this life has been manifested through your belief.

Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, either way you will manifest your belief.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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