What’s right is right; don’t confuse me with the facts

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9/7/15    Right is right!  Don’t confuse me with the facts that are staring me in the face.  Unless you want something that seems impossible in the moment.  Then its time to look at things differently in order to change the outcome.  Read this logical progression Spirit walks us through to understand how to get to a different point of view to achieve our goals.

Your life up through now has been run by the unconscious beliefs guiding your conscious thought. You have a thought, “I believe what I believe.” You have concluded that your beliefs cannot move around like pieces on a chessboard but instead are a result of knowing what is right.

This, so far, has been your guide to believing and knowing what is right. If it is right then it must be so, right?

We will show you another perspective to this. Our perspective is not far from your truth of what-is-so and you will see its benefits.

Right and wrong are relative. You live in a relative Universe. Everything in this physical world of duality is relative, even right from wrong. What one person believes is right, another sees as wrong. Some things you thought were wrong you later learned were right. Some things are wrong in one location and right in another.

You have changed your mind about what is right so often you are getting used to it and not thinking twice about it. As long as you think something is right, that is the belief you have about it.

Your beliefs have always been guided by the subconscious mind accepting what it believes is so. Your conscious mind goes along willingly. Your conscious mind accepts that this must be so and declares it to be your belief because it is right.

Your beliefs have rarely been conscious choices. Your beliefs did not openly contradict your belief of right and wrong.

What We will do now is challenge your ability to consciously choose a different belief as you desire. We will challenge you to decide what is possible where previously thought impossible. We will challenge you to decide something is right where you thought it wrong as your desire.

These simple changes of mind-set over previously held beliefs are done by you daily, naturally, often without noticing the process. Now We are asking you to do this consciously as you desire to allow abundance in.

This simple change of belief in what-is-so will create big returns in allowing abundance in and manifesting your desires. To change your mind will change your life. To see everything as a thought vibration of All, the same as you, equal to you in all respects is a huge step in creating full awareness.

To see everything as an extension of you is an even bigger step. This may really challenge some beliefs and concepts of right from wrong. To think of things that you judged negatively as an extension of you often flies in the face of the impossible. To think of everything as an extension of you is to see everything as One with you.

Oneness is too often seen as a high and lofty concept that is an ideal thought, not a practical belief. In order to consciously allow All into your life, Oneness will need to be reconsidered. Oneness is Our reality. Oneness is what is truly real for All That Is.

For you to realize Oneness and accept this concept, a change of mind is in order. The illusion of separation has worked for you until now. The illusion of separation has helped you get to where you are now. It has also made you question reality, knowing there is more going on than meets the eye.

In order to see through the illusion of separation a new point of view is needed. Separation must be seen for what it is. Separation must be revealed to show it as an illusion.

The way to do this is to think differently. Like We said earlier, just consciously believe differently. Even with logic and your belief in what-is-so telling you differently, consciously choose to see separation as an illusion and to see Oneness instead.

This will be much easier for you than you think once you set your mind to it. Once you consciously choose to decide on a new belief you will start looking for signs that validate your new belief.

Your new belief will be Oneness. Oneness allows. Oneness will be your new mantra. Oneness shows full understanding of what is real and what is an illusion.

You can make this happen for you. You can use this new sight of Oneness to your benefit to allow All in as you desire. You can choose to see separation as you desire. Seeing separation has many advantages that you will choose to benefit from as the time arises.

Knowing Oneness has many more advantages that you will benefit from much more often. It is good for your experiences to be able to shift your view as your needs change.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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