No spirit was harmed in the making of this life


8/3/15   No Spirit was harmed in the making of this life.  Similar to the caption that is posted at the end of each movie, “No animals were harmed in the making of this movie”, because we are eternal beings.  There are many thoughts and theories around why bad things happen to good people and why anyone would seemingly “choose” a bad experience or why God would let anyone experience a troubled life.  Spirit explains how this natural process is set up for the benefit of All.  

I actually find it lowers my anxiety around these issues.  Then I file my problems under “It must have seemed like a good idea at the time”. 

Source is pure Love. Source is thought vibration. All That Is, including yourself and your whole world is just a vibration. As a vibration, Source is everywhere. Source is All That Is. All That Is, is pure abundance. Abundance, everything you ever wanted, needed, or thought about is a vibration and is a part of you, the same as you. You are One with abundance.

You may not feel abundant. You may be wondering if this is true because you have not experienced this. You may also be pointing out all of the poverty and need throughout the world.

We acknowledge that this is real to you and does exist in your world. We see what you see. We understand all perspectives simultaneously.

Know this. Nothing happens to a soul that the soul does not agree to. The soul of each being is Spirit incarnate. Your Spirit is in full awareness of All That Is. Your Spirit is in complete awareness of all perspectives at the same time.

Your mind in the physical world chooses not to communicate with your Spirit, generally speaking. Your Spirit’s choice of having an ego during the physical experience has sealed this commitment.

Your Spirit has chosen the physical experience in order to express, decide and declare Who It Is. It does this through the use of the physical world as its medium in a contextual field.

Your field of context is the Universe of relativity. Everything in the Universe is viewed and judged relative to something else. In other words, you see something and always compare it to something else. You see a planet in the night’s sky and think it is round like a disc. You see an accident and judge it bad.

Your Spirit is able to use this contextual field to place itself in it in physical form and play with its concepts of itself. Your Spirit knows itself to be something in concept and then is able to attract and create the proper setting in order to physically play out and experience itself as that concept.

For example, your Spirit decides it is the concept of joy. You decide you are joy. You now think of yourself as joy. The more you see yourself as joy, the more you attract the circumstances by which you can experience being joy.

In the physical form you are now confronted with all possibilities. The Law of Opposites provides you with a myriad of choices and a context in which you can better define joy. Some of your choices are anger, sadness, dismay, ambivalence, happiness, joy, etcetera.

You get to judge the circumstances you are in and choose an emotional response that defines Who You Are in that moment. You may choose joy as your emotional response and be joyful. You are filled with joy in that moment.

It is always your choice! It is always your choice. You get to express Who You Are in each and every moment. You get to pick and choose which action defines Who You Are in that moment.

In this way, you are in complete control of you. You decide in every moment how you will choose to express yourself in the physical world, outwardly, which you know yourself to be in that moment. This system of self-expression is part of what makes up All That Is knowing Itself through you. You are the key to All That Is knowing Itself.

All That Is knows Itself to be abundant. Source knows It is All That Is. Source is expressing Itself physically through the choices you make. Source is expressing Itself equally through the choices you do not make. Each time you choose not to be something else it is equally an expression of Who You Are Not and thus what Source is in that moment.

Source knows Itself to be All That Is and chooses to be anything at any time. Source has promised free will to All aspects of Itself so as not to interfere in the free choice of self-expression and self-exploration. Each soul chooses as it enters each life, what it would like to experience and how it would like to express itself as Who It Is.

Each soul knows inherently how to create itself as any aspect of All That Is. Each soul in each life makes its choices in the moment as to what would best serve its experiences and self-expression. This is done in conjunction with spirit self and physical self. The spirit self sees each choice as an experience without judging it good or bad, right or wrong. Each spirit self looks at their experience as a grand part of a grander scheme of All That Is expressing Itself in that moment as Who It Is now from amongst the infinite spectrum of possibilities. Since each expression is a part of All That Is, it is all perfection from Love in the eyes of Source.

Source sees all expressions of Itself as perfect and with Love. Source knows all expressions of Itself are experiences and no harm of any kind is ever done to any aspect of Itself as it is all vibration. Thought vibration cannot be harmed. This is an impossibility.

Thought vibration can only create the thought to be harmed. This is the illusion you are living. This is what gives you the belief that your decisions are important and have weight and carry consequences. Your belief in this illusion is your blessing unto yourself. This is the magnet that draws you back here lifetime after lifetime. You love this. You can’t wait to do it again. It excites you. These experiences are not available anywhere else but in the land of illusion.

Ok, got it?  Yeah, we are eternal, these are just experiences, we love this stuff…  But it still hurts my physical self when I am injured… Right?  I wonder if it is all in my head though.  I mean people can actually be hypnotized during surgery without need for anesthesia.  And Psychiatrists have conducted clinical trials proving our pain is perceived as greater when experienced with a friend than when alone or with a stranger.  So maybe it is all vibration that we make up as we go along.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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