Can you stop thinking of pink elephants long enough to focus on what you want?


2/9/15   Miss the mark in manifesting your desire more than once?  Join the crowd.  We thought we were focused and actively pursuing our goal, only to find out differently.  In fact, we sometimes create exactly what we work to avoid.  

Spirit explains how easy it is to make that happen and how easy it is to avoid.  If only I knew then what I know now.

We will look at some reasons why you choose one creation over another. Creation begins in thought. You have thoughts constantly. Each thought is a new creation of yours. The choice to pursue manifesting one thought over all the others is an interesting process.

Since each thought is itself a creation, the judgment of each thought and choice of which thoughts to let go of and which to manifest is a process of more thoughts. Each thought can lead you down a path that is experiential and places energy into thoughts you may not want to pursue.

Thinking you do not want to think about a line of thoughts is placing more energy into the original thought. Judgments of the original thoughts or subsequent related thoughts also places more energy into that line of thought.

The more energy you place into a line of thought, the more it is attracted to you. This is the Law of Attraction in action. The more you try not to think of this thought, the more you place energy into it.

It is like trying not to think about a very large pink elephant floating in front of you. The more you say to yourself to not think of the floating pink elephant the longer you are still thinking of the floating pink elephant.

As with anything in your life, you created it into your reality and you can recreate it anew, differently. In order to do this easily and quickly the best way not to think of anything is to think of something else. The more you try not to think of something the more it expands in your reality; this attracts more of the same thinking.

Redirecting your thoughts, recreating your thinking is the best way not to think of something. This stops that line of thinking immediately. No more energy goes into the thoughts you choose to release.

Releasing the unwanted thoughts is the best way to stop thinking of it. Other methods that would focus on pushing away the unwanted thought still keeps the unwanted thought in mind. This will continue to feed energy into the thought you do not want, keeping it very much alive.

Releasing the thought by thinking of something else or redirecting will stop any more energy from going into manifesting what you do not want. Redirecting your thoughts places energy into something else of your choice that you do want.

This is not a mind game or trick you play on yourself. This is something you do naturally all your life. You do this unconsciously all the time. You may even do this consciously to others. Mothers of young children practice this often.

Redirecting your thoughts away from ideas you choose to release is a pleasant way of letting go. It does not involve frustration or stress. You do not need self-discipline or any method that would not be pleasing to you.

Ok, got it?  Now stop thinking of that pink elephant floating in front of you.  It might mean you are drinking way too much.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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