How long can you hold your belief?


2/4/15  Holding your belief in the face of a contradicting physical reality is our greatest challenge in manifesting.  We usually know what we want, try to hold our belief that it is coming to us, but then have more thoughts of it not happening.  

Oh that pesky reality getting in the way again of a good dream.  Also, breathing is an important part of living long enough to see your dreams manifested.  It’s OK take a deep breath now.  See Spirit’s take on all this…

You may believe a desire is inaccessible to you for a number of reasons.

You could believe a desire is too large for you to create. You could believe you do not have the skills, ability, tools, money, etcetera to create your desire. You may just think that a number of other things have to happen first before you can create your desire.

These are just a few of the many possible reasons you can create to keep you from achieving your desire.

All of these reasons, and reasons like them, are creations of yours. You have created them for a reason that pleases you.

A part of you is satisfied for some reason, in the current situation of not having your desire, but being in a state of thinking about the desire. This is an interesting dilemma to explore.

On the conscious level you are seeking one desire. On another level of consciousness you are believing and thus creating something else. Your belief is what you create. The problem you are encountering is that you don’t realize you believe something different than what you desire. The irony is that your belief is so much a part of you that you do not see it.

Beliefs are like the cells of your body. Each one is separate and acts independent of the other, yet have also been acting in unison for so long, you don’t think of any particular cell at any given moment. You don’t think of any cell as being independent. You see your body as a whole. As such, you see yourself as your body and often do not see the body as an independent part of your being.

Looking at your beliefs through this lens, it is understandable why you do not see that your belief creates a reality you say you do not want.

To better understand this process, look closely at what it is you are creating. Look at your current situation and see that you are creating exactly what you believe to be so.

In order to create your desire, you will need to believe your desire is as real as your current belief. When you believe it, you create it.

Your desire will come to you, as you believe it will. Your current created situation is a strongly held belief because you are seeing it everywhere you look. You are seeing your current situation and this validates and continues your belief in what you are creating. This continues to recreate your belief into your reality. This continues the cycle.

Thoughts of wanting your desire continue to push away from you that which you desire. It is in noticing the absence of your desire that you create the belief that you do not have that which you desire. Noticing the absence of your desire reinforces your belief in your current situation without your desire.

All beliefs evolve. The belief in your current situation evolves. In order to have it evolve quickly to create your desire into your reality, believe it exists. There are several ways to do this. All of them stem from the basic principle of the Law of Attraction.

In order to attract your desire into a reality that currently does not hold your desire, start thinking in ways that envision it there.

Breathe some more now, deep breathes.  

Love and light.

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