Thought loop dilemma

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7/2/15    Thought loops are making my head spin.  Its like driving in one of New Jersey’s 2 lane circles and trying to get out when you are stuck in the inside lane.  Think National Lampoon’s European Vacation.  Spirit has an easy answer to this dilemma.  

Thought patterns that are troubling you may seem like a recording stuck on repeat. A troubling thought gets stuck in a loop, playing itself over and over again. You may feel there is no way out of these troubling thought patterns, and you think you have no control over them.

These thought patterns and any thoughts that repeat, good or bad, are all formed the same way. Knowing how this occurs will help you reset your thoughts to a more pleasing set of thoughts.

All of your thoughts are created by you. You originate each of your thoughts. Sometimes outward stimuli (something seen, felt or heard) will trigger or stimulate a thought, maybe a sequence of thoughts. It is important to note that not all stimuli will trigger a thought response.

Noticing that some stimuli do not trigger a thought response brings up the question of why some stimuli are triggers and some are not for any one individual. This is a question that goes to the heart of the issue. What reflects your thoughts?

All of the stimuli may not seem to be linked together. Triggers may seem to be very divergent and unrelated and they probably are. However, any stimuli may trigger a thought chain that leads back to the unwanted thought loop. This is what is so frustrating to many.

A thought chain is a series of thoughts everyone has experienced. You are driving your car and you are thinking about getting to work. You may think about getting in and getting settled. Then you think about what you want for a snack or breakfast. This leads you to think about what you could have had from home, which gets you to thinking about cooking something that makes you wonder if you turned off the burner or completely closed the refrigerator door.

This is a thought chain that everyone experiences, although the contents of the chain vary. The person struggling to avoid an unwanted thought pattern ends up circling back to the thought loop too often. The triggers seem to be unrelated but the end result is the same.

The reason an unwanted thought pattern continues is similar to any creation discussed in the first chapter. The more you think about any one thought the more energy you place into it. Your thoughts are your energy.

It does not matter why you think this particular thought; you are placing your energy into it. Even when you are trying to cancel it and tell yourself it is not going to happen, the very fact you are relating to the unwanted thought is a continued way of placing more of your energy into it.

The more thought energy you place into a thought, the larger it becomes into your reality until you manifest it. The goal is not to stop thinking about what you don’t want; the goal is to think about what you do want.

We’ll repeat that to emphasize this statement. The goal is not to stop thinking about what you don’t want; the goal is to think about what you do want. Quite simply put, choose what you do want.

That’s it. No fancy tricks. It was a simple and easy way into your problem; it will be a simple and easy way out. The easier you make it for yourself, the more you are likely to follow through on your quest and the faster you will get to your goal.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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