God help me!

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6/21/15   What is your relationship to God?  Are we all One or are we separate?  What we think and what we hear ourselves say don’t always align.  See if this path parallels yours… 

You are as much a part of Source as anything is. Believing this will make this lesson doable. Living this will make this lesson become your reality.

Too often, you doubt this concept of being One with Source. Too often, you see yourself as separate from your Divinity. You do this subtly so that even you do not notice it. You use language that places God outside yourself and refers to Source as a separate entity. “God help me!” is a common expression heard.

Your form of prayer addresses a separate entity outside of you. Your conversations often acknowledge Divinity as a form or being that is not a part of you. You refer to Source as Him or Her. This is an outward sign, manifested into physicality that expresses your belief of separateness.

Your beliefs are your creations. Your creations are as much a part of you and Source as anything else in All That Is. There is no judgment on your beliefs. They are neither right nor wrong. You may choose to continue creating your beliefs for as long as they serve you.

If you choose to switch your core belief to Oneness and try this on for a while, you will find many beneficial improvements to your life. Stress, anxiety and problems will diminish while your joy, peace and fulfillment will increase. You will create your desires at an increased rate and attract more of what you desire.

These are not empty promises in order to get you to do anything. These are observed natural outcomes from a shift in mind set. This is a natural result of being connected to Source. These are recorded in many dialogues and writings from Saints and others who have been exalted in status to deity level.

Their paths were different, not better or worse, just different. The commonality was knowing and living Oneness. Their experience in Oneness brought them more joy than they thought was humanly possible.

You have had momentary glimpses into very small fragments of connection over the years that have brought you much joy in the moment. It did not last for you beyond those specific moments. You shifted your focus out of the moment, to the future or past, and allowed your beliefs of what could or should be to replace your knowing of what-is in that moment.

This shift of view out of the moment, when you were connected with the moment, severed your experience of connection. It served you in a way that shows you repeatedly over time what each experience feels like. You can use this knowing to choose, in the next moment, what kind of experience you prefer.

The shift in view also serves you in that you learn how to shift your view back and forth, into the moment and out of the moment. You see how it is done experientially. You can choose when to place your focus on the moment and when not to.

You will make these choices based on your awareness in the moment of what experience you consciously desire to choose. You have enough experience to choose whether or not you want to be in the moment to experience its joy and freedom, or step out of the present (mentally), into the past or future to accomplish your goals.

We recommend strongly that you choose to stay in the moment as often as you can. In doing this, you will quickly see its benefits. You will discover that you do not need to relive the past to accomplish any goal. You will also discover that you can accomplish your goals better by working them through mentally in the present, rather than placing your mind in the future.

So my speech reveals what my core beliefs.  And I need to focus on the present as much as possible.  Sage advice indeed!

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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