Allowing is an art. …so be an artist.


1/31/15   The art of allowing is a conscious creative process that bring forth abundance.  The concept is simple, the practice easy, but we need to change our habits to make it last.  And we are constantly bombarded with that thing that is constantly in front of our noses.  You know, that thing that contradicts all that we are telling ourselves is real but hasn’t manifested yet.  What’s that called again?    Oh yes… Reality!

Allowing is an art. Allowing is a creative process. Allowing is knowing that Source will provide. It is a belief that will achieve your desires.

Allowing abundance to flow to you and through you is a practice of being in the moment. Being in the moment means to place your mind and focus on where you are and what you are doing in that moment. Being in the moment will allow abundance in more often. Being in the moment will give you great joy.

Being in the moment is appreciating what you have, where you are, what you are doing and Who You Are. Being in the moment is appreciation for what-is.

Appreciation attracts. Appreciation is an alignment of your vibration with that which you appreciate. Aligning your vibration with that which you appreciate will attract it to you.

These are all methods of attraction and allowing. Do not discount any method that would allow abundance to flow through you. Your desire may come to you in many ways. It is possible for your desire to arrive in a multitude of forms. Do not say to yourself that it is not possible to accept your desire in certain ways. This could prolong the time until you achieve it.

Source will move all of Divinity to bring you your desire. Believing your desire can only come one way, or one of a few ways, limits yourself. This also limits Source. This limits Source in the ways it can bring you your desire.

If Joe believes he can only attain his brand new car by earning enough money, then that brings in to the equation a whole new area to work on – his career. This can be done, but is not always the fastest method. If Joe believes in allowing a new car to come to him in any way the Universe chooses to deliver it, this could significantly improve the timeframe for delivery. This would open the possibilities of gifts, winnings, inheritance, endowments and the possibility of a new position in the company which includes a car allowance, to name a few.

Keep open to the possibilities. Source works in mysterious ways as divine providence moves to deliver your desires.

You will always receive that which you desire, but you will not always receive it in a manner that you expect. Open your mind to the possibilities and you allow abundance to flow through you more freely, uninhibited, fully.

Have you ever noticed that you get more when you expect more? Have you ever drawn a comparison of expecting little and getting little? Most of the time, you will create that which you expect.

Be the source of your own abundance. Expect the Universe to deliver your desire. Be open to the infinite possibilities that Source can bestow on you. Have an expectation of Life in its grandest version. Hold the grandest version of the greatest vision you have ever held of Who You Are.

Be the creator of your reality. Create consciously. Know that thought is the entry point into conscious creation. Use your thoughts constructively to create as you desire. Understand that your thoughts will create as you believe.

Practice conscious creation. Practice honing your thoughts into a vision of your desire. See yourself practicing conscious creating.

Focus on what you want to be.  What could be easier?  

If you found an easier way, I’d love to hear it.  Send me a note using the link below. 

Love and blessings.

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