The String Theory of thought to manifestation

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In the beginning there was darkness…

Well, really, didn’t it all start in thought?  Didn’t our Creator start everything in thought first?  …and His thought manifested.   We are created in His image, doing the same thing… creating first in thought.  Below, Spirit explains the process we take from thought to manifestation.  Pretty cool stuff.  As Bill Cosby used to say on Saturday mornings, “If you’re not careful, you just might learn something”.

“Your thought is the beginning. It is the first creation in a series of related creations. Your thought is closely followed by a thought about the thought. For example, you notice that you have a feeling in your body. That is your first thought on this new track. Your thought about your first thought is that this feeling in your body means you are hungry. You then start on a track of thoughts about the time of day, should you be hungry now, what to eat, where to eat and so on.

Notice one of the earliest subsequent thoughts is a judgment on your first thought. It is this judgment that shows a definite sign of being human. It is a decidedly human characteristic. Be aware of this trait as it affects your ability to create.

Your judgments of your initial thoughts are usually what slow your ability to create your desire. Your initial thought is almost always an impulse, a reflex to your inner desires and a reflection of your core belief about Who You Are.

Take notice of your initial thoughts and your judgments on them. Look at them both closely. See the difference between them. See how both your initial thought and your judgment of it reflect very strong and different beliefs of aspects of Who You Are.

The conflict between them is the opposing channels of energy that keep you from quickly creating your desire. Your initial thought sends energy in one direction. Your judgment of that thought immediately sends energy in a completely different direction. The end result is that you do not send enough energy in any one direction to create your desire or your judgment of that desire. Instead, you created exactly what your beliefs are – stagnation, a situation of being undecided. You have not moved forward in a direction you said you wanted to go, but created the exact experience you put forth – the experience of being between both thoughts.

This is crucial in understanding the basic foundation of consciously creating your reality as you desire. This is part of the reason you see such a long gap of time between your initial thought of a desire and the appearance of that desire.

The vacillation between your desire and your judgment of that desire is a useful creation of the human experience in the physical world. Imagine what your experiences would be if you created instantly upon your first thought every time. It would seem chaotic. It would be very disruptive to your current life style and create situations you would choose to recreate immediately. This constant instant creating at first thought would be judged undesirable in the physical world as you continue to recreate your physical self and surroundings.

This vacillation creates an environment to play with your ideas. It is a safe environment to play with creation in your mind. You can create and recreate at will and change your thoughts ad infinitum to allow yourself time to be comfortable with a choice.”


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