What should I expect?

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7/28/15   What should I expect?  Are lofty expectations keeping you from realizing your existing connection to Source?  Spirit explains the difference between high expectations and what is most common.  Maybe you have already experienced it and not recognized it.  Hey, you could already be connecting and not know it?  

You may have decided by now that you cannot connect, don’t have the ability to connect or were not meant to connect with Source in any meaningful way. You may be looking for a significant, impactful moment that seems to have eluded you so far.

Let’s examine your expectations. It could be that your expectations are the only things that need an adjustment. Your expectations may have you looking past your experience for something that hasn’t happened.

What is your current relationship with Source? We already know Who You Are. This question is for you to figure out. Your relationship with Source may be elusive. It may be so lofty as to be seemingly unattainable. Let’s look at this closer.

We have explained in detail how you are One with Source. If you still believe that God is an entity separate from you, outside of you that joins with you on certain occasions then here is a path that is detouring you from your intended desire. This belief is a core belief that keeps coming up to derail your efforts.

Seeing Source as separate from you drives away your efforts to experience Oneness. Continue to create the inner knowing and experience of Oneness to change your core belief. Because it has not changed yet is not to say it will never change. All of evolution continues, your evolution continues. You will change. Know that you will experience Oneness as your desire is strong.

The experience of knowing Oneness and feeling a degree of connectedness is not always a euphoric sensation that places your mind and body into an altered state. Do not have the expectation that you are to be sensing a feeling like Heaven, walking on clouds, seeing angels and being cradled in the hand of God.

Where as you may create this for yourself if you so desire, the everyday sensation you are likely to create is a lot less idyllic. Your everyday sensation of connectedness may feel like you’re a bit lighter, not as heavy or weighed down. You may feel less encumbered by the mental burdens that plague you.

You may feel a bit happier than before. This may not be a giddy sensation; maybe it is only a relief from some of the despair, seeing a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ so to speak.

We are talking in degrees. It is a relative world you live in. If you are having trouble feeling connected to Source look at the subtle differences that may already exist as you try these exercises. You may be making headway and not notice your improvements because you are looking past them for something else that is always seemingly beyond your reach.

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All information excerpted from the book Spirit’s Course in Creating.

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